10 Things Never to Do in a Job Interview


In all chance, you’ve already heard the usual job interview suggestions: Give a agency handshake, make eye contact, have questions ready, say and observe up later with a heartfelt thank-you. So, hopefully you’ve acquired these fundamentals down already.

But even seasoned professionals can use a brush-up on fashionable interview etiquette earlier than heading in to debate a chance you’re actually enthusiastic about. In truth, the longer you’ve been working, the extra laissez-faire you would possibly inadvertently change into about your interview expertise, particularly should you’ve had a number of nice jobs and really feel like they’ve ready you to speak to anybody.

That could be the case, however you continue to could be stunned by a few of the issues that bug HR individuals and managers once they’re assembly an meeting line of job candidates. Here’s a listing of stuff by no means to do if you wish to ensure to not rub somebody the flawed method:

1. Show Up 2 Minutes Before the Interview
It’s not sufficient time to slide into a rest room for a fast mirror test—key for ensuring you don’t have something in your enamel or smudged lipstick and in addition for simply ensuring you look and feel prepared. “Always arrive early enough to check your face in the bathroom or duck into a nearby Starbucks,” says leadership advisor and adviser Dana W. White, creator of the brand new ebook Leader Designed: Become the Leader You Were Made to Be. “It’s amazing what can go wrong with makeup and hair in a fairly short amount of time, especially on a warm day and you’re nervous. Keep oil-blotting sheets on you, or use a clean toilet seat protector to blot away sweat on your face or underarms.”

2. Rock a Week-Old Manicure
To put it bluntly, chipped nails look gross—they usually’re a frequent pet peeve amongst managers. Make positive your nails are clear and well-groomed, whether or not you’re sporting a coloration or going pure.

3. Wear Something Wrinkled
“It’s always shocking to me how many people will wear wrinkled clothes to an interview as if no one will notice,” says White“People notice if your pants or shirt isn’t pressed, so iron or steam everything.” That even goes for a shirt you’re sporting with denims to a super-casual workplace interview. Wrinkles look sloppy and customarily ship a message that you simply don’t care, which at a job interview, is the precise reverse impression you need to give.

4. OD on Perfume
An HR supervisor at one among New York’s main journal umbrella corporations as soon as informed me that her largest pet peeve throughout interviews is when somebody walks in sporting a robust cologne or fragrance. Leave the perfume at dwelling!

5. Ignore the Receptionist
Bad concept. You don’t know who’s mates with whom on this workplace—and it’s additionally unhealthy karma to behave dismissively towards individuals whom you don’t outrightly want one thing from. “Be friendly, smile, shake their hands,” says White. “Because people are nervous or arrogant, they can treat greeters, receptionists, or assistants as if they’re invisible. When you leave, your interviewer could ask them, ‘What did you think of her?’”

6. Come Across as Blasé
Smile and make it clear you’re blissful to be there, being thought of for this chance. Sounds fundamental, however lots of people’s nerves could make them seem preoccupied or overly critical. “Believe it or not, one of the biggest mistakes people make is not appearing excited or interested in the job they’re interviewing for,” says Lisa Skeete Tatum, founder and CEO of Landit, a expertise platform that goals to extend the success and engagement of ladies within the workforce. “Show enthusiasm!”

7. Pretend You Know Something You’re Clueless About
While it’s vital to look (and truly be) ready, it’s not value mendacity your ass off pretending you’re conscious of one thing the interviewer is speaking or asking about and danger wanting like an fool. This is 1 occasion the place you shouldn’t pretend it till you make it. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions or say, ‘Excuse me, I’m not familiar with that term,’” says White. “Yes, it might reveal something you don’t know, but you can use it as an opportunity to learn and allow the person to educate you. Generally, everyone loves to show up as an expert, so let them.”

8. Ask About Salary
Don’t ever carry up wage or advantages throughout a primary assembly: It can come throughout as presumptuous. “Be prepared with a polite answer if you’re asked,” says Skeete Tatum. If you’re assembly with HR, anticipate them to ask to your minimal compensation requirement; if they ask what you’re at present making, politely give a common vary after which point out the vary that you simply’re seeking to make with this subsequent transfer. Don’t field your self in with particular numbers at this level.

9. Skip the “Closer” Question
Most interviewers will ask you when you’ve got any extra questions for them, or if there’s anything you’d prefer to say earlier than wrapping up. “Go in for the closer with your short bullet points on why you’re excited and a great fit for the opportunity,” says Skeete Tatum. “If something you wanted to communicate wasn’t covered in the interview, use this moment as an opportunity to highlight it. Leave them with something great to think about.” Even if it’s simply reiterating your pleasure in regards to the alternative!

10. Leave Before Asking About Next Steps
Make positive you already know who’s getting in contact with whom subsequent, so you possibly can observe up appropriately. “Thank them for their time and ask when and with whom you may follow up,” says White. “This will prompt them to tell you whether they or their assistant will reach out—or whether the onus is on you.”

Originally printed June 2016. Updated September 2017.

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