14 Exercises to Strengthen Your Thighs


Your legs have a number of the largest and strongest muscle mass in your physique. The prime of your legs—extra generally often called your thighs—are house to the quadriceps femoris, which incorporates the rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis and vastus intermedius.

While it’s not a requirement to memorize the anatomical names of those powerhouse muscle mass, you do must know that the thigh muscle mass assist in a number of crucial actions, equivalent to stabilizing the patella (kneecap), extending the knee and flexing the hip.

Why sturdy thighs are essential

When you contemplate how a lot time you spend in your toes together with your physique in movement, it is sensible that your thigh muscle mass must be sturdy.

Not solely do they provide help to carry out day by day actions, equivalent to strolling and squatting, they’re additionally a key a part of profitable actions in athletics and train. Plus, sturdy thighs provide help to avoid common athletic injuries, equivalent to quadricep strains and contusions.

Josh Cox, a licensed private coach at Anytime Fitness, says constant leg train together with cardio and resistance coaching will even improve your vitality, enhance your physique’s general power, enhance your steadiness, tighten your midsection (not simply your legs and butt), improve your endurance and will help alleviate and forestall decrease again ache.

And in fact, we are able to’t overlook in regards to the calorie burn. Certified trainers, sisters and founders of SISSFit, Lauren and Kelly Collins, level out that because the thighs include a number of the largest muscle mass within the physique, in addition they ship the best calorie burn when strengthening them.

Exercises that assist strengthen your thighs

Our consultants put collectively an inventory of the most effective workout routines that can strengthen and form your thighs.

Cox calls this primary set of leg workout routines the “Mount Rushmore” of leg actions since they aim each single leg muscle and are all infinitely upgradeable with varied angles, gear, weights and apply. Here, he lists his favourite basis actions together with their perform.

  • Squats: Important for performance and core power.
  • Front-to-back lunges: Important for steadiness, biomechanical selection and leg power.
  • Lateral lunges: Important for particular lateral motion focus, core integration and joint power.
  • Wall sit: Important for isometric conditioning and general leg construction solidification.

This subsequent set of thigh workout routines will reinforce your basis whereas introducing a bit extra versatility to your physique to strengthen itself with in accordance with Cox.

  • Leg pressSimilar to squats, solely the core part is much less prevalent (however nonetheless existent), permitting you to isolate your leg muscle mass a bit extra.
  • Step-ups: A roundabout model of a lunge that places extra deal with the entrance leg and ties your decrease again, core and glutes collectively. Be positive to push out of your heel and toe equally so that you don’t pressure the entrance of your knee an excessive amount of.
  • Leg adductionThis will assist fight the skin of your hips getting overly tight whereas bettering your balance and leg control.

On days while you’re trying so as to add slightly further to your leg exercise, Cox says to present just a few of those bonus workout routines a attempt.

  • Pistol hips: This is a pistol squat formation, solely together with your free leg positioned over your knee so that you just not solely do a one-legged squat on 1 aspect however a improbable hip stretch on the opposite aspect. Make positive you utilize a TRX or one thing stable to carry on to so you will get a pleasant, deep vary of movement out of it.
  • Weighted bridges: With your shoulders on a weight bench or stability ball put a pad on a barbell and drape it over your lap. Dig your heels into the bottom, increase your toes, and elevate your hips whereas squeezing your glutes. Feel the stretch on the best way again down and repeat.
  • Slider disc aspect lungesKeep 1 foot on the bottom and one other on a slider disc as you squat as little as doable with the anchor leg and slide your slider disc leg out so far as doable on the identical time. Stand up, pull the leg again and repeat.
  • Stability ball wall sit with band squeezes: Place a resistance band round your knees and maintain a wall sit with a stability ball between your again and the wall. With your toes shoulder-width aside, convey your knees as far out as you’ll be able to after which again to heart. Repeat.

The SISSFit sisters advocate these 3 workout routines that strengthen your thighs, hamstrings and glutes.

  • Squat + calf increase: Beginning together with your toes hip-width distance aside, squat all the way down to a 90-degree angle, holding your weight in your heels, a proud chest and your knees straight above your ankles. Drive by means of each heels as you come to a standing place after which press up onto your tiptoes. Slowly decrease your heels again down and repeat.
  • Alternating hamstring reaches: Begin standing in your proper foot as you ship your left foot again behind you and concurrently attain your left hand to your proper toes. Remember to maintain a flat again, your hips sq. and a slight bend in your standing leg. With your physique performing as 1 lever, drive by means of your proper foot as you slowly come as much as a standing place. Repeat in your left leg.
  • Squat jacks: Begin in a standing place together with your palms at your sides. Jump your toes out into a large squat place, hovering your palms simply above the bottom with a proud chest. Jump your toes again collectively in a standing place and repeat.

Important be aware: When attempting out these actions, ensure to concentrate to any uncommon or persistent ache. If a specific train feels uncomfortable or hurts, skip it and check out one other 1. 


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