15 Steamy Sex Ideas That Will Make Your Summer Even Hotter


Our philosophy: As summer season days and nights warmth up, so ought to your intercourse life. The season is a fleeting, vibrant time when you’ll be able to benefit from the climate—and the free, enjoyable feeling that comes with it—to get some motion.

So pack away your winter intercourse routine together with your sweaters and boots, and provides these artistic summer season intercourse concepts a attempt, from flamingo pool floats to rocket pops and boardwalks.

Go Commando

If you’re feeling additional frisky, attempt donning your denim shorts and flirty sundresses with out underwear, says Gina Yannotta, skilled matchmaker and COO of The Vida Consultancy. “Not only will you feel instantly sexier, but your partner will start squirming the moment you whisper in his/her ear about your certain lack of undergarments.”

Reduce Body Contact During Sex

Changing up positions is a superb (and kinky) method to hold cool within the warmth. “Instead of positions that maximize body contact, like missionary or spoons, switch to those that minimize it, like cowgirl, doggie style or oral sex,” says Tara Struyk, cofounder of Kinkly.com.

Have Sex on the Beach

Summer’s the time to understand this fantasy, in case you’ve ever puzzled about it (and who hasn’t?). “It could be a romantic rendezvous on an empty, moonlit stretch of sand, or a cheekier daylight romp hidden from the sight of nearby beachgoers,” says Yannotta. “For some beach-themed foreplay, give some frisky massaging as you work sunscreen into every inch of each other’s bodies.” Just, uh, be sure you don’t get any inside you, as a result of ouch.

Sex on the Beach


Make a Summer Sex Pact

Agree that with each barbecue, wedding ceremony, or occasion you attend collectively, you’ll discover a method to sneak off and get it on. “Tiptoe away from the scene and fool around wherever you can, whether it’s a steamy make-out or a furtive quickie,” says Bethany Ricciardi, a sexpert with TooTimid.com. “You’ll both anticipate it from the moment you walk into the party, making everything more exciting.”

Play Strip Checkers

You won’t consider a rainy-day recreation like checkers as foreplay, however right here’s how you need to use it to get within the temper. Write the names of outer clothes like shirts, pants, and so forth., on half of of the black squares, and underwear clothes on half of of the pink squares. “When a person lands on a square, the other person removes the designated garment—from themselves or the other person; you decide,” says Cardyn Brooks, erotic fiction author and creator of When She’s on Top.

Give (and Get) Some Road Trip Action

The subsequent time you’re each within the automobile heading to the seaside or a tenting journey, attempt having the passenger pleasure the motive force—rigorously. “Don’t let them take their eyes off the road, but get creative,” says Ricciardi. “If it’s not oral, maybe it’s a little hand or finger action that teases them and gets them excited to get to your destination—or even pull over and take a pit stop for a quickie.” But we’ll repeat: Safety first. If you suppose you or your associate isn’t the multitasking sort who can get pleasure from a bit pleasure whereas additionally staying alert on the highway, please skip this 1.

Sex in Car


Experiment with Cool Sensations

Ice pops, ice cubes, ice cream … rubbing or dripping them throughout your associate and even utilizing a intercourse toy that’s been within the freezer for some time can provide all the suitable sorts of goosebumps, says Struyk. “It also brings a lovely, cooling twist to sex on a hot day,” she provides.

Plan a Sexy Camping Trip

“This is a great way to get the feeling of sex in public, but with the privacy and comfort of a tent,” says Alex Fima, founding father of the grownup intercourse toy firm Velvet Co. “A spot by a river can get you that relaxing sound of flowing water, too.” Be positive to discover a secluded spot, convey comfortable pillows and sleeping baggage, an air mattress if you would like some additional padding, bug spray, and all the things it’s essential clear up afterward.

Get (Safely) Busy on the Beach

The secret to higher, extra comfy intercourse on the sand: spreading out a mattress sheet somewhat than a seaside towel. “There’s a lot less loose sand to worry about, and it’s harder to see what you’re up to from a distance,” says Fima. That’s as a result of you’ll be able to build up a little wall around you. “The feeling of the sand underneath you and the sound of the crashing waves makes for a great time.”

Sex on a Sheet


Try Fun, Frisky Inflatables

Take skinny-dipping to the following degree by incorporating a pool raft or tube. “Lie on the raft on your stomach and let your bottom half hang loose with your legs floating behind you,” says Ricciardi. “Have your partner grab your thighs or ankles and enter you from behind in wheelbarrow or doggy-style pose, or simply use their fingers to give you some pleasure in the water.”

Play Kinky Twister

There’s one thing about summer season that brings out the child in all of us. Take the traditional recreation Twister and warmth it up a notch. “Use a marker to write solitary actions—like, ‘take off shirt’—on the red circles; couple interactions like ‘give 2-minute back massage’ on the blue circles; intimate questions like ‘what’s the most public place you’ve ever screwed?’ on the yellow circles; and yoga positions on the green circles,” says Brooks. You’ll doubtless end up bare and tangled up together with your associate very quickly.

Take a Cold Shower Together

“During other seasons, showering together can be a logistical nightmare of trying—and usually failing—to keep warm, but during summer you can sit back and chill together, talking, making out, and appreciating each other’s bodies as you cool down under the nozzle,” says Yannotta.

Shower Sex


Lick Jell-O Off Each Other’s Bodies

It would possibly sound a bit tacky, however Jell-O is a traditional summer season dessert and can be utilized to slurp off of one another’s our bodies. “Put some in your mouth before you lick your partner’s nipples or give them oral so they can enjoy the squishy, silky texture,” suggests Sadie Allison, Ph.D., founding father of TickleKitty.com intercourse toy boutique and creator. Just don’t use too a lot earlier than oral intercourse—we’re speaking not more than a teaspoon, simply sufficient to provide a bit taste—as a result of the sugar may threat throwing off vaginal pH and even resulting in an an infection in case you use far more.

Use Fans to Give You Frissons

Grab a fan or 3 and allow them to blow whilst you get busy. “Super-breezy sex will feel like an entirely new experience,” says Fima. “If you have a larger floor fan and are feeling crafty, you can also tie a light sheet to the end of it to get air flowing under the covers.”

Pack Extra Lube

Sex underneath water washes away your pure lubrication, says Allison. “It doesn’t act as actual vaginal lubrication, as many people think. So it’s a good idea to be prepared and pack some lube, no matter where your sexcursions take you.”

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