17 Unexpected Yet Practical Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil


Even for those who’re not nicely versed on the planet of pure and important oils, chances are high you’ve learn that tea tree oil is an all-in-one ingredient with the power to repair nearly something. Above all, some swear by it as a fast-acting acne treatment — and as we all know, blemishes large or small could be notoriously troublesome to take away. Just dab some onto a cotton ball, swipe over your drawback areas and voilà: clear pores and skin.

But there are manner extra makes use of for tea tree oil than simply treating acne-prone pores and skin. According to the web, it will also be used as a detergent, a gargle, a bug repellent… the listing goes on! Scroll all the way down to be taught 17 surprising, weird and super-practical makes use of you in all probability didn’t know existed.

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1. To deal with wounds

Tea tree oil is a super-effective treatment for healing open wounds as a result of it’s antimicrobial — that means it kills (or a minimum of stops the expansion of) micro organism and different probably dangerous microorganisms. TTO can also be an anti-inflammatory, so it will probably soothe redness, swelling and pain. Before making use of tea tree oil to an open wound, it’s really useful that you simply clear it out with some water and hydrogen peroxide.

2. To battle fungus

We know tea tree oil is commonly praised as a extremely efficient topical therapy for pimples. But it will also be used as a topical therapy in your toenails to fight foot fungus. Tea tree oil is understood to kill every kind of yeast and fungi, so you should use it to forestall or deal with situations like athlete’s foot.

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3. To soothe sunburns

If you’re hitting the seaside this summer season, it’s undoubtedly in your finest curiosity to slap on some sunscreen. However, for those who nonetheless end up slightly crispy on the finish of the day, you may flip to tea tree oil to soothe your sunburn. Its anti-inflammatory qualities assist to scale back redness, itching and burning. For this motive, it may be present in quite a lot of sunburn-soothing lotions.

4. As an all-purpose cleaner

If your own home is in determined want of some sparkle however you’re sick of utilizing harsh chemical substances round the home, tea tree oil may be your excellent resolution. Combine 10 drops of tea tree oil with 2 cups of scorching water and a half-cup of white vinegar for the perfect natural all-purpose cleaner. However, skip your granite and marble counter tops, as a result of vinegar can harm the end.

5. To deal with unhealthy breath

Researchers on the University of Basel in Switzerland verify that tea tree oil kills the micro organism colonies that cause bad breath. For an at-home resolution, it’s really useful that you simply use a TTO-infused toothpaste, add just a few drops to your common toothpaste or gargle with a cleaning product that features tea tree extract as a way to obtain recent breath.

6. To forestall or kill lice

According to Reader’s Digest, TTO comprises 2 parts that fight lice. One is 1,8-cineole, a common natural insecticide, and the opposite is terpinen-4-ol, which is each antibacterial and antifungal. A examine out of Italian analysis college D’Annunzio University means that 1 p.c tea tree oil can eradicate 100 p.c of head lice in half of an hour.

7. As insect repellent

Tea tree oil comprises one other 1,8-cineole insecticide referred to as eucalyptol. Eucalyptol can be utilized to repel and/or kill many varieties of critters. 

8. To remove foot odor

If you discover your toes beginning to scent, you’ll have athlete’s foot or one other fungal an infection. Luckily, since TTO has antifungal properties, you should use it as a topical treatment to deal with any fungal pores and skin situations. Treating fungus, in flip, can help to stop odorous feet.

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9. To deal with dandruff

A common cause of dandruff is the overgrowth of Malassezia, a fungus that lives on the scalp. Since tea tree oil is understood to be antifungal, it will probably kill or forestall the expansion of Malassezia, thereby curing dandruff.

10. To deal with bug bites & stings

Due to TTO’s anti-inflammatory properties, this can be very efficient at decreasing swelling, itching, burning and redness (all signs of insect bites).To treat your bug bite with tea tree oil, apply just a few drops to a cotton ball, and press it onto the affected space so the oil can totally soak up into your pores and skin. Applying a bandage afterward will be certain that the oil doesn’t evaporate, giving it the possibility to do its job.

11. As air freshener

If the residence is beginning to scent funky however you aren’t into chemical sprays, we suggest going all-natural. Mixing tea tree oil, eucalyptus important oil and lemon important oil makes for a delicious-smelling combo that may be sprayed in each nook of your abode.

12. As a laundry detergent booster

We’ve already instructed you (one million occasions over) about TTO’s bacteria-fighting properties. Who knew they’d be so versatile? Another manner they come in useful is by refreshing your musty-smelling laundry and giving your detergent a little extra cleaning boost. It’s principally a pure disinfectant in your garments.

13. To battle mildew & mildew on laborious surfaces

Tea tree oil’s intense fungus-killing skills make it the final word killer of mildew and mildew. Combine it with water and spray it on affected areas earlier than wiping it away to completely eradicate the gross stuff out of your laborious surfaces.

14. To assist your vegetation develop

We’ve stated it earlier than and we’ll say it once more: tea tree oil is antifungal. Plus, it’s an all-natural insecticide. Do you already know what that makes? Happy vegetation with a critter-free habitat to develop in. 

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15. As make-up remover

Tea tree oil is extraordinarily efficient at breaking down make-up, so it’s an ideal pure addition to your bedtime routine. Be super-careful round your eyes and mouth. After making use of TTO to the pores and skin, rinse off with some heat water and swipe on a toner.

16. To remove chilly sores

Tea tree oil’s antibacterial properties undoubtedly come in useful when tackling these pesky chilly sores. But earlier than making use of it on to the sore, dilute it with a service oil (resembling coconut or olive oil) so that you don’t harm your pores and skin!

17. To battle hair loss

Sometimes, clogged hair follicles on the scalp can imply shedding… and many it. If you’re noticing important hair loss, attempt making use of tea tree oil to cleanse your scalp. It’ll doubtless unclog your follicles and kill any dangerous fungus or micro organism that’s stopping the regeneration of your hairs.

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