Expert Tips for Hair Trimming


Hair trimming ought to by no means be a scary expertise, but a few of us nonetheless keep away from it just like the plague. Maybe you’re frightened of slicing off an excessive amount of. Or maybe you merely don’t know the right way to do it. Regardless of your reasoning, sustaining optimum hair well being requires it. And since we’re nonetheless on our New Year excessive, there’s no higher time than now for a fast refresher on the right way to do it. It’s definitely not rocket science, however there are just a few key issues to remember earlier than grabbing the shears, particularly when you plan on doing it your self.

The Signs

If you’re trimming for the primary time in awhile, realizing when to do it’s a no-brainer. According to Head & Shoulders Celebrity Stylist Sunnie Brook Jones, “your hair is hard to manage – lifeless, doesn’t hold a style or your curls lack bounce and body.”

She additionally says, “If you’re having to put much more effort into making your hair look good, then your cut has probably lost its shape or your damaged ends are weighing your hair down.”

And based on movie star hairstylist and Co-Founder of Society SalonsSam DiVine, textural adjustments, general dryness and break up ends are different culprits to regulate. However, remember the fact that the latter is nearly unattainable to reverse with out a trim because it fractures the inner hair shaft.

“There are treatments that can repair the interior structure of the hair and help repair split ends, but you have to make a habit of using them to see success,” says Jones. “I exploit Head & Shoulders Repair & Protect Shampoo and Conditioner within the bathe to restore my hair from warmth injury, making it stronger and fewer prone to have break up ends which result in breakage.”

DiVine’s go-to product for stopping the injury that precedes a trim is Shu Uemura’s Essence Absolue. “A pump or two (depending on your length and density) will not only heal the hair from the inside out, but it will give a protective layer between your hair and the elements.”

The Schedule

Another vital issue of hair trimming is realizing when to do it. Different consultants provides you with various choices, however anyplace from 6-10 weeks is the overall rule of thumb.

“Get regular trims with your hairdresser every 6-8 weeks and your hair will be healthy,” says Jones. “The drier your hair gets, the more likely it is to split. Think of a piece of frayed yarn…it is more likely to unravel and become more and more fuzzy if the end isn’t trimmed Health ends equal growth!”

If you’re rising out your hair, see a stylist each 10-12 weeks as an alternative. And when you bleach and tone, have heavy highlights or get frequent blowouts, DiVine says you may adhere to the 6-8 week rule or seek the advice of along with your stylist for a customized schedule. The texture of your hair additionally components into how usually you chop your ends. Typically, these with coarser hair don’t have to do it as often as these with finer strands.

How to Trim

One of the most important errors we make when trimming will not be doing it sufficient. Avoiding the method will solely result in extra injury and in-turn, power you to chop greater than you’d like when you really do cave-in.

DiVine says, “After trims are a part of your routine, they can be switched to dustings, a borderline microscopic haircut that only dusts the ends leaving hair healthy and fresh. I find that most women aren’t doing trims often enough, causing them to get a little more off at a time.”

And though each stylist has his or her personal methodology, Jones says that trimming hair whereas it’s moist is a surefire solution to set your hair up for failure.

“I prefer to cut on dry hair because I believe ‘wet hair lies,’” she says. “When your hair is wet, it stretches more and the water molecules can make the hair appear to be more hydrated than it really is. When the hair is dry, you can see every single strand in its truest form and assess the situation in more detail, which allows you to deliver a more customized trim.”

An simple hack for maintaining your self on a wholesome schedule is to work with a stylist as an alternative of doing it at dwelling and pre-book your appointments upfront.

“I’m a big proponent of developing relationships with stylists. Many of us have gotten a haircut in the past that makes us reach for the shears ourselves, but the result of a beautiful haircut crafted specifically for you is magic,” says DiVine. “The goal is to find the right stylist. Research Instagram for work you like, set up multiple consultations with different stylists and ask plenty of questions to start building a relationship with the right person for you.”

On the opposite hand, when you’d reasonably do it by yourself, Jones says to start out by buying a correct pair of trimming shears from the wonder provide retailer. “Twist the ends of your hair and cut into the strands–not across,” she says. “This will give you a soft finish on your ends and also easily trim off the areas that are dry and split that may lead to damage.”

Keep the following tips in thoughts earlier than your subsequent appointment; they’ll make or break the well being or your hair.

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