How I Veganized My Closet


When I adopted a vegan weight loss plan eight years in the past, veganism was simply beginning to achieve momentum, nevertheless it was nowhere close to as mainstream as it’s now. Because most individuals didn’t even know what the phrase “vegan” meant again then, nobody appeared to choose up on the inconsistency of me persevering with to put on animals although I had sworn off consuming them for moral causes—besides my uncle, who came visiting about 3 weeks after I had “gone vegan.” Looking down on the Frye cowboy boots I used to be sporting, he stated that presently subsequent 12 months, I’d higher not nonetheless be sporting leather-based.

I had began questioning my meals decisions a number of years earlier, after seeing my first slaughterhouse video. Until that time, I hadn’t actually made the connection that what I used to be consuming got here from an animal. It was simply “food.” Similarly, till my uncle’s dig, I hadn’t thought-about the truth that my leather-based sneakers and equipment have been comprised of the particular disguise of an animal.

This realization is a component what I now name happening the “vegan rabbit hole,” once you begin paying consideration for the primary time to all of the insidious methods by which animal merchandise are embedded into our lives and economic system. On high of being vigilant about avoiding animal merchandise in meals, vegans should additionally vet the entire different merchandise they buy to make sure that they aren’t animal-derived.

Even although I needed my wardrobe to mirror my values, I couldn’t afford to utterly overhaul my closet immediately. So as a substitute, I set the intention that I’d begin shifting within the route of veganizing my closet. Here’s how I acccomplished it, step-by-step.


Over the subsequent few months, I researched firms promoting vegan sneakers and luggage. During this time, PETA’s directory of companies promoting fake leather-based merchandise and Google have been my buddies. I purchased my first pair of vegan sandals and a pretend leather-based bag that spring, from Vegan Chic, a website that sells varied manufacturers of vegan sneakers and luggage. I paid a go to to New York City’s MooShoes that summer season for good sneakers that I might put on on job interviews.

When fall got here round, and I purchased a pair of fake leather-based driving boots from a vegan shoe firm known as Neuaura, I felt that I used to be able to purge my closet of leather-based. I gave my previous sneakers and luggage—besides my Kate Spade bag from highschool, which it seems was manufactured from nylon—to family and friends, who have been more than pleased to take them off my palms.

Wool and Down

It took me a bit longer to present away my wool sweaters and down coats, as a result of at first I rationalized that these animals hadn’t been killed. I are inclined to get chilly simply and was skeptical as as to if or not I’d be capable to discover equally heat options. But then I listened to Colleen Patrick Goudreau’s podcasts on The Shearing of Sheep and Down with Feathers, and realized that I had one more moral dilemma on my palms.

I began saving up for a coat from HoodLamb—a Netherlands-based firm which makes coats with hemp “fur” linings. I bought some sweaters made with acrylic and polyester that have been heat and insulating, from manufacturers focusing on younger adults like American Eagle Outfitters and Hollister. When I used to be able to do away with my wool and down attire, I attempted to promote them at a consignment retailer, however they wouldn’t purchase them, so I donated them to a close-by Goodwill.


A couple of extra years handed earlier than I realized that silk got here from silkworms. Before that, I assumed silk was a particular sort of cotton or linen. The jury remains to be out on whether or not or not insects can feel pain; nonetheless, after educating myself concerning the technique of silk-making, which includes boiling hundreds of silkworms of their caterpillar stage, I knew that it didn’t sit properly with me.

Silk had been one thing I often solely wore on fancy events, so from then on, each time I wanted a gown, I’d merely learn the label and ensure it didn’t have silk in it. Because I do know polyester isn’t probably the most eco-friendly materials, I now get most of my attire secondhand from eBay. For work conditions, I’ve discovered that Banana Republic makes some nice enterprise informal fits, skirts, and attire made with polyester—I simply double verify to ensure they don’t comprise wool or silk.

Veganism and Wearing Animals

On its web site, The Vegan Society states that veganism is a “philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose; and by extension promotes the use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of humans, animals, and the environment.” Knowing that veganism isn’t only a weight loss plan, however an moral code to reside by, is it doable to be vegan and nonetheless put on clothes constituted of animals?

As somebody who used to name myself vegan, although I used to be nonetheless sporting leather-based, wool, down, and silk, I’d say sure. If you embrace the concept that animals aren’t right here for our use and decide to now not shopping for new gadgets constituted of animals then, for my part, you’re vegan. From what I’ve noticed, folks with vegan diets who hesitate to establish themselves as vegan often don’t subscribe to the entire moral philosophy behind veganism. And in an effort to distance themselves from the animal rights motion, they typically describe themselves as plant-based, or somebody who doesn’t like labels.

Change is a course of that may take time. Reflecting on my path to adopting a vegan weight loss plan and veganizing my wardrobe, I can see that what was most useful was not placing an excessive amount of stress on myself to be excellent or to alter in a single day. Sometimes setting an intention is all we have to do to start out gravitating in a specific route.

Humbly, I acknowledge that it’s not doable to be an ideal vegan. Notwithstanding all of the animal byproducts that make their approach into on a regular basis gadgets like computer systems and tires, I do know that all the things I do and each client buy I make is having an affect by some means, someplace on the surroundings, and doubtlessly wildlife. All I can do is my finest given the extent of consciousness and consciousness I presently have.

If you’re within the technique of attempting so as to add extra vegan merchandise into your individual life and wardrobe, I’ve listed a number of the manufacturers that I’ve discovered to have nice choices for vegan garments, sneakers, and equipment. Check them—and some of their merchandise—out forward.

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