Pubic Hair: Should You Shave, Wax, or Trim?

Illustration: Kim Steinhilber

When I used to be 16 years outdated, my boyfriend requested me, “What do you think about hardwood floors?”

“Um, they look good in a house,” I replied, uncertain of why this matter was being launched. Neither of us had been notably near dwelling possession, being youngsters. “I guess I prefer them.”

He laughed. “So you do choose them.”

“I don’t know why this is funny,” I instructed him. I typically felt not noted of his jokes, and never as a result of they had been notably intelligent.

“My good friend was asking me right now in case your carpet matched the drapes. And then he was like, ‘Or better yet, does she have hardwood floors?’ So I used to be questioning for those who may do this. Get hardwood flooring.”

“You want me to shave my pussy?” I requested.

“Yeah, from now on.”

Many years later, I now want that I had damaged up with him proper then and there, because of this and plenty of others, together with the truth that this jackass threw me right into a wall after I didn’t wish to give him a blowjob on my birthday, at my party, whereas my pals had been hanging out 20 ft from us. But by the point that occurred, I had been shaved and itchy for some time; I used to be raised to present males what they needed. I knew that if I didn’t shave for him, it might be an issue. Maybe not a getting-thrown-against-a-wall downside, however there can be battle nonetheless.

It is within the spirit of this mistreated 16-year-old woman that I later made the rule that if a person or lady tells me what to do with my pubic hair, I break up with them—though thus far, no lady has made this request of me.

I made this rule not due to this 1 horrible, Nirvana-blasting teenage scumbag, however as a result of, aside from primary hygiene, nobody has the best to demand physique modification from their associate. There are too many males who care extra about their thought of what’s sizzling than what I really wish to do with my physique, and I don’t wish to date folks like that. So as of late, for those who make a pubic hair demand, I break up with you. Sometimes, I’ll give a PSA-like announcement firstly of a relationship about this rule, however more often than not, I don’t.

You get to determine whether or not you trim, wax, shave, go full bush… use your pubic hair to create dinosaur-shaped topiary…

Too typically, I’ve met males who assume it’s their proper to ask me to vary my physique for his or her pleasure and desire, males who sulk if I didn’t wish to wax, as if I had been cruelly denying them some nice pleasure as a result of I didn’t wish to spend $80 to have hair ripped out of my labia and spend the remainder of the day dabbing at blood and waddling, pained and pantyless, via my engagements.

There is, in fact, a distinction between coercing, guilting, or forcing your associate into doing one thing they actually don’t wish to do with their pubes, and a voluntary alternate of needs and preferences between companions. Maybe your associate loves a touchdown strip, a full bush, a detailed trim, a full wax, or what-have-you. Sharing these needs with one another is cool! The concern isn’t if you supply trustworthy communication about what you love to do and what you want your associate to do, however when 1 associate pressures the opposite into doing one thing they’re not into.

Societal expectations that ladies be fully naked are clearly bullsh*t.

Proponents of Brazilian waxing typically declare that it’s extra hygienic, however that’s solely unfaithful. In reality, you’re 75 percent more likely to contract an STI for those who shave or wax as a result of the method creates micro-tears, which permit extra micro organism to permeate the pores and skin. Of course, you’ll be able to cut back this danger with condoms and different types of safety.

What really popularized the Brazilian is porn, just because it’s simpler to see the motion if the actress isn’t au naturel. So for those who grew up masturbating to porn that normalizes and eroticizes a hairless pussy, there’s a robust chance that you simply’ll need the exact same. This doesn’t imply that you simply’re a foul particular person if a waxed look will get you going, but it surely’s not proper to guilt or push somebody to suit your subjective requirements of magnificence. Women already face sufficient stress to evolve to this dear and painful trend; it’s patriarchal bullsh*t at its best.

In reality, evidently nature had a motive for all that hair—some research have proven that pubic hair traps pheromones to draw mates, and reduces friction throughout intercourse. Imagine that!

This does not imply it’s important to go full bush to be a superb feminist or no matter.

I’ve completely been curious sufficient to go to the sugaring parlor and have my pubic hair torn out. This stemmed from what I can solely guess is my very own volition, however I’m nonetheless unsure. I needed it accomplished on a whim—nobody had put in a request—however with each blood-spotted wrench of the sugar wax, I mentally cursed the patriarchy and verbally issued an unintelligible stream of curses.

I believed I needed to be there, but it surely turned out that I do probably not benefit from the pain-to-payoff ratio as a lot as different folks may, and so there felt like a stage of societal coercion at play there. But I questioned, half-crazed on the desk, if it’s attainable to be a feminist and wax. Obviously, sure, sure it’s. If you want altering your pubic hair, then you definitely’re making your personal choices about your physique, and it is best to go forth and be merry.

Just don’t let anybody let you know what to do along with your bush; it’s not their choice, and if you find yourself doing one thing that doesn’t really feel good to you, you’re preferencing their needs over your personal, and that’s not the way in which to happiness. May you at all times do what you want along with your pussy, as a result of it’s yours and also you adore it, and dismiss anybody who interferes with that particular bond.

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