The Best & Worst Hair-Removal Techniques


The heat climate does wonders for our souls, however we may actually do with out the additional time it takes to shave, wax and laser off each uncovered hair on our our bodies. Before you attain for that razor, make certain your most popular hair-removal method can be type to your pores and skin.

Because there is not any level in eradicating undesirable hair if it is solely going to reveal pores and skin that we’re damaging within the course of, it is excessive time we discover out, as soon as and for all, whether or not we needs to be shaving, waxing, getting electrolysis therapies — or not one of the above.

We spoke with Dr. Diane De Fiori, advisor and analysis dermatologist with the Rosacea Treatment Clinic, and esthetician Felicia Alva of Flutter Beauty, and bought the news on the perfect and worst methods we are able to take away hair on our legs, our bodies and faces.

Here they’re, ranked from worst to greatest.

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7. Shaving

The best, and one of many most cost-effective, strategies we depend on can be 1 that may depart our pores and skin bumpy, stubbly and even bloody. 

“Because the razor cuts the hair at an angle, it has a tendency to regrow inward (causing ingrown hairs), particularly if hair is curly,” De Fiori mentioned. “The result is bumpy and inflamed, infected skin which will not resolve until the ingrown hair is removed.”

De Fiori provides that attainable issues from shaving can embody scarring, breaking advantageous capillaries when eradicating the hair and everlasting darkish marks (hyperpigmentation) after therapeutic has accomplished. One attainable profit? “The razor itself does have a moderate exfoliating effect, removing dead surface skin cells as you shave, which leaves skin smoother.”

6. Hair-removal lotions

Products like Veet and different hair-removal lotions are much like everlasting options, based on De Fiori, and might dissolve hair on the pores and skin stage. Because the hair stays within the follicle and is burned away evenly, there’s much less likelihood that ingrown hairs will develop. Sounds nice, proper? Hold that thought. 

“The main risk with these products is chemical burns because they are strongly alkaline,” De Fiori mentioned. “A burn is more likely if you leave the product on for longer than directed on the packaging. Some hair types are not removed effectively within the directed timeframe for use therefore patients will leave them on longer. By the time the hair is dissolved the skin is also burnt.” 

Know your pores and skin — if it is delicate, it could be greatest to steer clear of these lotions. And, should you do use them, ensure you’re eradicating them completely otherwise you threat growing a “slow burn.” Ouch!

5. Electrolysis

De Fiori says electrolysis has just about been changed by lasers, that are “faster and more efficacious.” If you are still dedicated to this technique, remember that dangers embody “scarring, infection and hyperpigmentation.”

4. Threading

Lots of girls are opting to have their eyebrows and/or the little annoying hairs on their faces eliminated utilizing threading as a substitute of waxing or shaving. De Fiori says that is the tactic least more likely to harm pores and skin, as it’s gentler on pores and skin than tweezing, however it has a significant draw back: It’s solely possible to be used on small areas of the pores and skin. Unless, I suppose, you are certainly one of few girls who love torture and might cope with the insane ache of getting your legs threaded (we can’t decide you).

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3. Waxing

Both De Fiori and Alva are in settlement about waxing, particularly in the case of the eyebrow space: It may cause main pores and skin harm. 

“Waxing removes a top layer of skin every time you use it,” Alva mentioned, including that the skinny, delicate pores and skin across the eyes has no oil glands and requires as light a way as attainable. “It’s OK on the body, but it’s too rough on skin in the eye area.” 

Alva recommends tweezing, which supplies an esthetician extra management over your brows and offers you a fuller, extra pure forehead.

De Fiori cautions girls with rosacea and different inflammatory pores and skin problems, resembling psoriasis and eczema, to keep away from waxing altogether as a result of, though it weakens hair development, it causes hair development to truly speed up through the first 3 to 6 months, which will increase the necessity to wax extra and might result in hyperpigmentation.

2. Eflornithine hydrochloride cream

Women who really feel they’ve been stricken by little chin hairs or thick facial hair can now profit from this efficient, however expensive, prescription product. After roughly 2 months of twice day by day use, the cream slows down hair development, based on De Fiori. 

“Some possible, more common side effects are temporary redness, stinging, rash or folliculitis (inflamed, bumpy hair follicles),” De Fiori mentioned. “This is a rather expensive product, however it is FDA approved and reduces the need for other hair-removal methods.”

1. Laser therapies

Ding, ding, ding — I believe we’ve a winner! 

De Fiori says that, though older lasers can harm darker pores and skin tones and weren’t efficient on very gentle hair, trendy lasers can be utilized to deal with a person’s pores and skin and hair kind. 

After a therapy, hair stays within the pores and skin, however will fall out after 4 to eight days. And how is that this for an unimaginable added bonus: Depending on the laser used, you might even expertise some pores and skin rejuvenation because of the formation of latest collagen. A way that removes hair and might battle advantageous traces? Yes, please.

So, let’s overview

Modern lasers are De Fiori’s most popular technique, shaving beats out depilatory lotions, waxing ought to solely be used on pores and skin sorts that shouldn’t have a historical past of reacting to it, and a killer, long-lasting combo price making an attempt on facial hair: threading and eflornithine hydrochloride cream.

Adios, undesirable hair!

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