Popular Songs Almost Sung by Other Famous Singers


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At this level, we will’t think about anybody apart from Rihanna singing “Umbrella.” But what if we advised you one other über-famous pop star nearly bought her fingers on the long-lasting 2007 bop? Turns out, Hollywood isn’t as massive as we thought, and there are dozens of songs that had been written for and nearly given to different singers.

Though it’s onerous to think about songs comparable to The Pussycat Dolls’ “Don’t Cha” and Lady Gaga’s “Telephone,” sung by anybody apart from the artists who at present sing them, fact is, these tunes went by way of a handful of different singers earlier than they landed on the artists who made them the hits that they’ve turn into. Find out the shocking singers who nearly sang your favourite hits forward.

“The Middle”

Singer: Maren Morris

Almost sung by: Demi Lovato and Camila Cabello

Before nation singer Maren Morris signed on to sing the lead vocals on Zedd’s “The Middle,” the music was pitched to dozens of profitable feminine artists. In an interview with Variety, the manufacturing workforce behind “The Middle” revealed that their first alternative for the music was Demi Lovato who, after recording a demo for the observe, turned it down for her 2017 single “Sorry Not Sorry.” Then, the music was pitched to different artists, together with Camila Cabello, who was the workforce’s 2nd alternative for the music. When Cabello turned it down in order to not distract from the success of her 2017 single “Havana,” the music was bounced round to different artists—together with Julia Michaels, Carly Rae Jepsen, Tove Lo, Bebe Rexha, Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui, and extra—earlier than it will definitely reached Morris, who minimize a demo of the music and earned the fitting to be its lead vocalist.

“Pretty Hurts”

Singer: Beyoncé

Almost sung by: Katy Perry and Rihanna

Any Beyoncé fan is aware of that “Pretty Hurts” is an iconic music from the singer’s 5th album Beyoncé. But Queen Bey wasn’t the primary alternative. In an interview with ABC, Sia, who wrote “Pretty Hurts,” revealed that she first despatched the music to Katy Perry. After Perry failed to reply, Sia despatched it to Bey’s and Rihanna’s groups. And although Rihanna and her workforce favored the music, Bey ended up edging them out after she put down cash to purchase the observe earlier than Rih had the prospect to.

“I wrote it on the sofa three years ago for Katy Perry, sent it to Katy Perry, and she never heard it,” Sia stated. “Then I sent to Beyonce’s people and Rihanna’s people, and Rihanna heard it and she had it on hold for eight months and her management forgot to secure it by paying for the track, and Beyonce just slid into home base and threw the money down, and it was a really awkward situation.”

“We Can’t Stop”

Singer: Miley Cyrus

Almost sung by: Rihanna

“We Can’t Stop” was Miley Cyrus’s massive comeback to music after Disney Channel, however the music nearly went to Rihanna. In an interview with MTV, the music’s producer, Mike WiLL Made-It, revealed that the music was written for Rihanna. Rihanna finally turned “We Can’t Stop” down for one more of the producer’s songs, “Pour It Up,” which gave Cyrus an opportunity to report it.

“When I originally worked on ‘We Can’t Stop,’ we had did it for Rihanna. The idea was more towards Rihanna,” Mike WiLL Made-It stated. “Rihanna, she heard ‘Pour It Up’ right away, and she didn’t even hear ‘We Can’t Stop.’”

“All About That Bass”

Singer: Meghan Trainor

Almost sung by: Beyoncé

“All About That Bass” was Meghan Trainor’s first No. 1 hit and breakout music. But it nearly didn’t occur. In an interview with The Guardian, Trainor, who wrote the music, revealed that she wrote the music with Beyoncé in thoughts and pitched it to her. After Bey failed to reply, Trainor stored the music for herself and it grew to become the push she wanted to jump-start her music profession.

“I’ll bet some of them didn’t even know the song was being pitched to them,” Trainor stated. “Some artists get thousands of songs pitched and they never know, so Beyoncé herself probably never heard it.”


Singer: Rihanna

Almost sung by: Britney Spears

Yes. Rihanna’s “Umbrella” was nearly sung by none apart from Britney Spears. In an interview with MTV, the music’s producer Tricky Stewart revealed that the music was meant to be Spears’s massive return following her 2007 public psychological well being battle. After Spears turned it down (“Her current state was a little bizarre, you know? It wasn’t meant to be,” Stewart stated), the music was pitched to Mary J. Blige earlier than finally touchdown with Rihanna.


Singer: Halsey

Almost sung by: Camila Cabello

The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” grew to become a No. 1 hit after Halsey signed on to sing the music’s lead vocals. But she wasn’t the Chainsmokers’ solely alternative. In a radio interview, Camila Cabello revealed that she recorded a demo for the music. The interviewer even performed a clip of Cabello’s demo, exhibiting what the music would sound like along with her raspy vocals. In the top, Cabello couldn’t do it due to her dedication to her woman group, Fifth Harmony.

“I loved the song,” Cabello stated. “But I had to turn it down because I was with the group at the time, and we were about to put an album out. I always tried to do my solo stuff off cycle, so that was super on, and so I had to say no, and then that was the number one song in the world.”

“Boom Clap”

Singer: Charli XCX

Almost sung by: Hilary Duff

“Boom Clap” is what put Charli XCX on the music map as a recording artist, however she nearly didn’t sing the music. In an interview with V journal, Charli, who wrote the music, revealed that she despatched the observe to Hilary Duff’s workforce, who turned it down earlier than Duff even had an opportunity to hearken to it. The expertise led Charli to take issues into her personal fingers and report the music herself.

“We sent the song to her people, and I don’t think she ever heard it. But they were like, ‘This song isn’t cool enough for Hilary.’ And we were really sad about that! So I was like, ‘Fuck it. I’m going to sing it,’” Charli stated. “Hilary Duff heard it and she tweeted me, ‘Hey, I really like your song! I wish I’d known that I could’ve had it.’ And I was like, ‘Too late, Hilary. Too late.’”


Singer: Kelly Clarkson

Almost sung by: Avril Lavigne

Before giving “Breakaway” to Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, the music’s author, thought of maintaining the music for herself. In an interview with Songwriter Universe, one of many music’s different writers, Bridget Benetate, revealed that Lavigne related with the music, till she realized that she wouldn’t be the fitting 1 to report it.

“Avril talked about her life and what things were important to her—she was the inspiration for the song. Matthew began creating the melody and track, and I started working on the lyrics. I remember staying in bed for three days, writing 25 versions of the lyric. I love being in bed and writing lyrics and having my dog Jet and my kitty Dash on the bed. Anyway, we finally finished the lyric, then we completed the demo,” Benetate stated.

“…Baby One More Time”

Singer: Britney Spears

Almost sung by: TLC

“…Baby One More Time” and Britney Spears are synonymous. But the music was really nearly sung by woman group TLC. In an interview with MTV, T-Boz, one in every of TLC’s members, revealed that she thought that the music may very well be well-liked, however it wasn’t proper for TLC’s model.

“I was like, I like the song, but do I think it’s a hit? Do I think it’s TLC? I’m not saying ‘hit me baby.’ No disrespect to Britney,” T-Boz stated. “It’s good for her. But was I going to say ‘hit me baby one more time’? Hell no!”


Singer: Lady Gaga

Almost sung by: Britney Spears

“Telephone” made historical past when Lady Gaga selected Beyoncé to sing the music along with her as a duet. But earlier than Gaga even had an opportunity to decide on Queen Bey, the music was initially pitched to Britney Spears. Around 2010, a demo leaked of Spears singing “Telephone.” And although the music, for probably the most half, appears like the identical observe that Gaga recorded, it positively has a unique spin with Spears’s signature nasally voice.

“Don’t Cha”

Singer: The Pussycat Dolls

Almost sung by: Paris Hilton

Though she’s a fan-favorite DJ, Paris Hilton hasn’t had her massive break in music. However, she got here shut when the manufacturing workforce behind “Don’t Cha,” the Pussycat Dolls’ smash 2005 music, pitched it to her. In an interview, Hilton revealed that she heard the music, however was on the fence as a result of it wasn’t totally produced but. Now that she has heard it in full, she admits that she would positively change her thoughts.

“I think I did hear the song, but not in the format we all came to know and love. If I’d heard that, of course I’d have jumped at the chance,” Hilton stated.

“We Found Love”

Singer: Rihanna

Almost sung by: Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis grew to become considerably of a one-hit marvel after her 2007 debut “Bleeding Love,” however the British singer may’ve had one other hit years later when she recorded “We Found Love,” Calvin Harris’s dance-pop music that finally went to Rihanna. In an interview with NME, Lewis revealed that she recorded a demo of the observe and thought of it as a single. After she didn’t decide to the music, Harris finally handed it to Rihanna who made it successful.

“I worked with Calvin and we recorded ‘We Found Love’. But he went touring with Rihanna, and she ended up releasing it. I didn’t commit to it because I wanted ‘Trouble’ to be my first single, so I think that was another reason they went with Rihanna. It was the same version and production, but mine’s better,” Lewis stated.



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