How to Answer Just About Every Sex Question Your Child Could Ever Ask


It’s solely a matter of time till your youngsters begin asking concerning the birds and the bees. It begins out innocently sufficient. “So-and-so at the bus stop told me how babies are made.” *Gulp* I’m guessing you know the way this goes…

Today, youngsters choose up a number of their intercourse training from their friends and on the web. There’s an enormous quantity of misinformation and never a number of protected areas for them to ask questions, a lot much less have a constructive, productive dialogue. The first step to telling them what they should know is to take heed to them.

“A really good way to determine what to tell your kid is by paying attention to what they talk about as well as answering their sex/gender/relationship questions when they ask them,” Dr. Carol Queen, a sexologist, tells SheKnows. “You can also ask the kid if/how they’re hearing their friends talk about something so you can address any misinformation in your response.” 

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But with a lot data out, it may be difficult to inform your youngsters what they should know in a approach that is age applicable. In order to do that, Queen suggests relatively than searching for particular matters to cowl at every age, reply to the kid’s curiosity and want to grasp what they hear. 

“Don’t tell the kid every single thing you know about a topic; keep it pretty simple and let them ask you for more detail if they need it,” she says. 

Queen reminds us that some caregivers will not have the ability to safely focus on intercourse with their youngsters. “Being ‘too open’ might be an issue in a custody battle, for instance,” she says. But as a substitute of being the kind of mother or father that will not reply any questions in any respect (or in a lot element), Queen suggests letting the kid know that they requested an excellent query, and that it isn’t an issue that they’re curious. 

“You can insert at least a little sex-positivity that way,” she provides. “It’s by no means OK to disgrace or berate a child for sexual curiosity.”

For your reference, listed here are a few of the most typical questions youngsters ask their dad and mom (or different grownup guardians), full with solutions from OB-GYNs, sexologists, sexual well being specialists and educators. 

Where do infants come from? 

“Depending on the age, maturity and readiness of the kid asking this specific query, it’s at all times necessary to be prepared to reply in a relaxed and trustworthy method. In the only of phrases to a younger youngster, the reply could also be ‘Babies come from mommy’s tummy,’ or to an older youngster, it might be ‘Babies come from mommy uterus.’

“Hopefully, as a mom, you are promoting body confidence with your child from an early age. Teaching your daughter/son about her/his body using the correct words when talking about body changes that happen with puberty makes these types of questions easier to address as children age.”

— Dr. Sherry A. Ross, OB-GYN and writer of She-ology: The Definitive Guide to Women’s Intimate Health. Period. 

Can youngsters have infants?

“Yes, youngsters can have infants. If a lady has her interval, is releasing eggs and has intercourse, she will be able to conceive a child. You can go away it at that or add your loved ones’s values and beliefs onto having intercourse at this age, protecting a child at this age, and so forth…. relying on what the kid is eager to know, age appropriateness and settlement between dad and mom if multiple are elevating the kid.” 

— Dr. Juliana Morris, a licensed marriage and household therapist, licensed skilled counselor and intercourse educator

How can folks have infants in the event that they’re not married?

“What I might say generally (and this depends upon age appropriateness and that the kid already is aware of the fundamentals of intercourse and doesn’t have to be taught what sexual activity is) is: 

“‘People have infants in numerous other ways. It is so neat to listen to how somebody got here into the world and right into a household. Some folks conceive a child by having intercourse with one another. Sometimes the 2 persons are married, however typically 2 folks aren’t married however love one another or are in a relationship. Sometimes somebody will get pregnant and didn’t plan on having a child, however then are so blissful they get to be a mother or father. 

“‘Sometimes a pair or 1 individual decides they wish to have a child and go to the physician and he/she helps conceive a child in a fertility clinic. An individual additionally might have a child as a result of they determine they wish to undertake a child. This occurs when a organic mom and father determine it’s best for another person to boost their child and an individual or couple agree to boost the newborn of their household.'” 

— Dr. Juliana Morris

Do all boys have penises & all women have vaginas? 

“No! Most do, however you’ll be able to really feel like a boy or a lady (or possibly neither 1!) whatever the anatomy between your legs. How you’re feeling about that is referred to as your gender identification, and since it impacts how you’re feeling about your self and the way you need folks to deal with you, it is fairly necessary. 

“Bonus data: Most women and girls do have vaginas, however that is probably not the sexual half they really feel is most necessary. They even have a clitoris, and that is additionally the place a number of their sexual pleasure comes from.”

— Carol Queen, sexologist

Do you need to be married to have intercourse?

“No, people have sex for many reasons and within many kinds of adult relationships. If people love each other and want to have sex but not get married, they can, and they are often called ‘lovers’ or ‘partners’ then.” 

— Carol Queen, sexologist

How do 2 mothers/dads have intercourse?

“People of any genders can do related issues after they have intercourse as a result of intercourse in relationships is a option to care about one another and make one another really feel pleasure. Things that everyone can do embody kissing, cuddling, holding, stroking, licking and taking part in with intercourse toys. 

“If you already learn about intercourse being about penises and vaginas, that is an excellent begin, however all these different issues are essential too — typically crucial issues. So, if a pair each have vaginas, there could also be stroking, licking or placing fingers or intercourse toys inside. If a pair each have penises, they may prefer to stroke and lick too. 

“Some people get pleasurable feelings from their anus too. Some like touch on the outside, and some like sex toys or fingers or penises inside. People who like this will use lubricant to make it more comfortable and safer, because with no lubricant, it can hurt and cause damage.” 

— Carol Queen, sexologist

What is a blow job?

“A ‘blow job’ is classically understood to mean a person putting [another person’s] penis in their mouth. The receiver is usually a cis man — but of course [this] includes all penis-owning people of any gender or identity. A blow job consists of licking, sucking or any other form of mouth-to-penis activity. This can also include putting a mouth on a dildo as well — not all blow jobs are for necessarily a penis attached to a person’s body all the time.”

— Gigi Engle, intercourse educator

What does “eat me” imply?

“’Eat me’ can imply a few issues — it would imply asking somebody to place their mouth in your vulva, penis or anus. But there are all kinds of meanings in sexual play when somebody says ‘eat me.’ Usually, although, it refers to a request for oral intercourse.”

— Gigi Engle, intercourse educator

What are condoms? 

“Condoms are a type of contraception and sexually transmitted an infection safety. They present a barrier between a penis/vulva/mouth/anus, and so forth. throughout sexual play. There are male condoms: a sleevelike piece of latex (though there are a number of kinds of supplies, comparable to polyurethane or lamb pores and skin). 

There are additionally feminine condoms or inner condoms: a barrier that goes contained in the vaginal canal. Sexual well being professionals, myself included in fact, extremely advocate the usage of condoms throughout all sexual play to keep away from the transmission of STIs.”

— Gigi Engle, intercourse educator

General suggestions for speaking about intercourse with youngsters

Because there is no approach of addressing all the questions your youngster might ask, Morris has these basic recommendations:

  • Keep solutions quick and candy.
  • Make certain you reply what the kid is definitely asking.
  • Find out what the kid already is aware of or is considering.
  • Answer actually, however that doesn’t imply you need to inform the entire fact if the total fact isn’t age applicable. 
  • Let the kid dictate if she or he needs any extra data past the preliminary query.
  • Ask if they’ve any questions after you reply.
  • Know you don’t need to reply it or reply completely. You can at all times return and revisit it in your time after regrouping and researching.
  • (Optional) Ask in the event that they heard the query or matter from a pal, member of the family, one other youngster, TV or on-line. 
  • Praise them for asking you about it.

And if you would like some further data or assets, Morris recommends the next:

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