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My companion and I are in our 60s and received collectively after long-term marriages. Although we aren’t married, we reside collectively, share kids and grandchildren and have constructed a really good life collectively. He has at all times travelled quite a bit for work and exuded a way of thriller.

A 12 months in the past, he lent me his telephone and I ran into risque bare pictures of him and a lady taken when he was supposedly at a piece do. I used to be devastated and confused. When I confronted him, he stated he was bored with mendacity and needed to come back clear. He confessed to having led a secret life whereas we have now been collectively: attending intercourse events and discovering companions, usually , with whom he would have sexual relationships. Suddenly, a lot made sense. I realised that my instinct had been warning me that one thing was amiss, but I stored telling myself to not be paranoid, to belief him.

My rapid response was to finish the connection, however I’ve wavered about it and am nonetheless with him. He says that, now I do know the complete reality, we will lastly have a completely open and trustworthy relationship, one thing that we by no means had earlier than (I assumed we did).

I’ve compassion for him and a few understanding of what a troublesome scenario he put himself in. Some weeks I’ve thought, OK, I can reside with this. Things will probably be completely different now. He has introduced a lot into my life that’s good and I nonetheless discover him lovable most days. I like our grandchildren. I’m wanting to do the travelling that we have now been planning. I’m not keen to begin over with one other man I don’t know, and who could deceive me as properly (as my first husband additionally did).

This week, I’m pondering that I’m nuts to stick with him. I’ve at all times been trustworthy in my relationships and have assumed that the opposite individual was as properly. I’m doubtful that I can discover the proper relationship.

He has actually been attempting prior to now 12 months. He says he is not going to interact in any sexual actions with out my data and permission. He desires to introduce me to his sexual companions, as he has now advised them I exist – he had lied to them, too. I’ve prevented this as far as I’m uncomfortable with the concept.

If somebody had been asking my recommendation in a scenario like this, I believe I might say “dump him”, so why do I discover that so troublesome to do?

To reply the query about why you discover it so onerous to dump him, if we think about ourselves on this state of affairs, it’s straightforward to suppose we all know what we’d do, however once we are in it, that different individual isn’t so simply forged within the function of ogre. Because you recognize and love them and so they deliver one thing to your life, it’s a lot more durable.

What you possibly can’t do is keep out of worry that you just received’t meet anybody else, or that one other relationship would find yourself the identical. You can’t put up with stuff you discover insupportable or don’t maintain you secure (presumably, he practises secure intercourse? Otherwise, this takes it to a complete different stage of selfishness). You additionally mustn’t go away this relationship if, truly, you might be glad in it and wish to keep in it, however really feel different individuals will decide you.

I consulted Dana Braithwaite, a sexual and relationship psychotherapist (, who thinks you might be “really brave to evaluate the relationship over a year”. She additionally thinks: “He lent you the phone because he wanted you to find out, so he’s dumping this issue on you. He may be tired of his complicated life [despite what he says].”

Braithwaite additionally wonders why, “when you had doubts, you didn’t have questions?” And I do suppose that is actually value . What internal voice made you shut out your instincts and inform your self you had been paranoid?

Braithwaite says that now you recognize: “You’re in it now for different reasons. You’re grieving the ‘perfect’ relationship you thought you had; there’s no more delusion, now you are faced with the reality. Now it’s down to: ‘What’s in it for me?’”

And that is the crux, isn’t it? What’s in it for you?

Both of us are very uneasy (as you might be) about him introducing you to his different companions. What for? So you possibly can validate his different life? So he could make himself really feel higher. Listen to your internal voice this time.

I believe the “what do you want?” could make you a bit uncomfortable, as a result of I’m wondering if in case you have thought of that earlier than. It could be fascinating to see how he would react in the event you stated you needed a number of companions (though you don’t, from what you might have stated).

“You set the terms now,” says Braithwaite. “You’re in the driving seat, you set the boundaries. It’s about your needs now.”

And I might say, keep in mind you can change your thoughts. You can say: “How things are for now suits me and I can re-evaluate in a year.”

While companions equivalent to yours could cause a knee-jerk response, I hope you possibly can see previous the headlines (intercourse, a number of companions, intercourse events) to the person behind all this and see if he’s somebody you need. You point out a whole lot of good issues in your longer letter and I hope that’s not you simply glossing over issues. Some persons are sexually trustworthy however terrible in different methods. However, behind these headlines is an individual who has been deceitful and egocentric on a fairly epic stage. I believe you will see that the intercourse half simpler to forgive.

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