Tips From a Sex Magic Practitioner


Though some would argue all intercourse is magic, “sex magic” itself is a distinct idea solely. Sex magic — additionally typically spelled “sex magick” — summons power locked contained in the physique and makes use of orgasm as a automobile to manifest. With orgasmic vibrations, spells intensify. And whether or not climax is reached with one other physique or alone, intercourse magic is likely one of the handiest methods to amass need. It is harnessing desires into waking life.

The energy sourced from intercourse magic doesn’t examine to some other magic available on the market. Being a intercourse magic practitioner entails a couple of sly strikes — principally out-of-body experiences and psychological states. In my expertise, intercourse magic doesn’t simply entail opening legs, however opening portals. What may shock you most of all is realizing you’ve already been partaking in intercourse magic.

Writing is important

The greatest technique to begin intercourse magic is thru writing. It’s useful to transmute — or change the character of one thing as if by way of alchemical means — which permits ideas to kind into the tangible realm. If you write in a diary, create dream boards or make collages, this may sound acquainted to you. Rather than confessions or secrets and techniques, let your journal be a platform for manifesting. Fill it with dream diagrams, animate it with goal-setting glorification.

For the extra superior, pentagrams, symbols, sigils, veves and runes (cuneiforms or futharks) work wonders. Antique alphabets, characters and figures have been used throughout the globe and stand the check of time. Find the trademark that works greatest for you. No matter which method you select, the purpose is to create one thing tangible. You may also attempt automated writing, which includes invoking spirits and permitting them to talk by way of you. Remember that we’d like different energies to help our magic.

For me, writing is declaring who I’m or will grow to be. It’s letting desires sail into the universe on the wings of a raven. And it’s getting ready myself for transitions. I take advantage of my very own physique to spark flame for alchemical processes.

Make pals with ghosts & spirits

Inspired by spirits (or demons do you have to want to work with darkish forces), automated writing falls into a sophisticated class of intercourse magic trimmings, however by all means attempt it — don’t draw back. Break into portals and take away partitions. Set the temper, gentle candles, meditate and discuss to spirits. They are ready and listening, able to intervene. Do not be afraid of ghosts and spirits, for they maintain the skeleton key that can unlock potential.

Make an altar

Collecting objects is kind of easy. Gather no matter it’s that makes your physique quiver — out of your deepest, darkest wishes to your most harmless longings. Any of the next objects are recommended: flowers or rocks, locks of hair, fingernails, menstrual blood, fallen leaves, candle wax or sure herbs. Start constructing, inserting the objects collectively or inside a particular field. May every bit have a particular place in your coronary heart, even the tiniest blade of grass issues for those who say it does. Welcome each to the altar. (Yes, you’re constructing an altar.) And with every providing, the altar absorbs your cost.

The ultimate altar for intercourse magic will embrace all 4 components (earth, air, water, fireplace) plus the 5th (ether). That’s your calling, your divine proper, your life’s function — you resolve how that appears on the altar. But the key is inserting ether as the focus in an effort to fortify your intercourse magic. This will elevate your powers.


An enormous a part of intercourse magic is avoiding intercourse. Yep, that’s proper. Sex magic just isn’t about having intercourse on a regular basis, though there’s a time and a spot for that form of intercourse magic. In order to obtain most advantages of intercourse magic, the purpose is to regulate power. It’s like loads like teasing — sexual stimulation reaches peak and the necessity to launch intensifies. Some may know this from tantric intercourse classes. For those that observe yoga, particularly kundalini, this may sound acquainted. It’s transferring the energies all through the chakras and firing each as if with a spark. Manipulating power is the important thing to intercourse magic.

The energy unleashed throughout intercourse magic might be double, even triple, since you didn’t give in. When you management self — each physique and ego — you relinquish fears. You belief the universe and let divine timing take over. By concentrating that power then channeling it into your coronary heart’s need, your want turns into stronger. The greatest intercourse magic is one which waits for a cosmic whisper that claims, “Now is the time — go for it.”

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Putting intercourse magic into observe

To do full-on intercourse magic spells, take your objects and your writings and make a grave for them. Bury them below the total moon, bare. Chant them as if in tune. Place them below the mattress the place you have got intercourse. Do not underestimate the facility of masturbation as a technique to cost intercourse magic amulets. Now issues get much more fascinating while you notice all you want is your self. After all, ladies’s our bodies maintain sufficient magic to make dozens of spells one million instances over.

Have intercourse together with your magic round. Have your altar inside arm’s attain or a minimum of seen, and preserve these writings close by. Get a intercourse orb (an imagined ball of creativity that ignites your sexual expertise) rolling above your head as you journey the waves of bodily pleasure. Paint symbols in your physique and in your accomplice’s physique. Use sexual fluids and power conductors. Menstrual blood and semen explode with magical powers — they are often collected or utilized in rituals as you see match.

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To cost a spell, place intention on the thought kind — focus by way of respiratory strategies. Fire it with emotion and a pure coronary heart — provide it to your altar and permit energies to blossom. Then focus your needs into an orgasmic state as you think about your want coming to fruition. Sex magic primes us for the adjustments about to occur. It permits our souls to blow up with bliss. And in that second of orgasmic transcendence, we grow to be our truest selves — free from ache, worry and judgment.

Sex magic begins with intention. The mere need spawns magic. And the weather emanate from there. What you need to keep away from, although, is any unfavorable believes, doubts or harmful discuss. The solely destruction that ought to happen is between you and obstacles, between your desires and your fears. Break down these partitions, consider in intercourse magic, and begin working towards right now — and let spirit information you. You can thank me tomorrow.

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