What to Do When You Want More Kids & Your Partner Doesn’t


Before I met my husband, children had been at all times this fuzzy a part of my imaginative and prescient of our supreme future. I knew I wished to have them sometime, however had no concept when and even what number of. Before we tied the knot, Chris and I had the “do you want kids?” discuss and shared a hazy notion that we’d have 2.

But throughout my being pregnant with my 2nd son, Chris, stated one thing that threw me for a loop: “I’ll get a vasectomy soon.” I used to be floored by the concept this might be it for us — in any case, we cherished being mother and father and had been so excited for our new child. Motherhood has turned out to be a lot extra wonderful than I assumed it could be, and regardless of our at occasions complicated schedules, parenting has been extra seamless than I anticipated. So I assumed the potential for extra children was on the desk… however my husband was considering in any other case.

Chris is a chef and works lengthy, odd hours, and it tears him as much as miss T-ball video games, household dinners and bedtimes a number of occasions every week. He additionally desires about us proudly owning an even bigger dwelling sooner or later and serving to to place our youngsters by way of faculty. Having extra youngsters might put that in jeopardy and doubtlessly pressure our relationship, he argued. “I don’t want more than two kids,” he stated plainly.

So, I did what any pregnant girl would do: I freaked out and beginning ugly-crying. It was overwhelming and emotional — and we wanted to get by way of having the child in my stomach first, anyway — so we agreed to desk the dialogue for the long run. Our 2nd son was born, and he turned out to be just about a dream child — extremely laid-back, sleeps and eats effectively, adores his large brother. At some level throughout this easier-than-expected postpartum interval, Chris implied that he’s open to the concept of child No.3, however nonetheless leaning towards “no.”

I do know that I’m so fortunate to have 2 wholesome, comfortable boys, and I’m obsessive about our little household. I additionally fully get Chris’ argument — however a pal’s mother as soon as instructed me one thing I’ve carried with me: “You’ll know when you’re done.” And I don’t really feel finished. I maintain mentioning the subject, hoping Chris will immediately say that he’s modified his thoughts, however we don’t appear to be getting wherever past speaking about our completely different viewpoints. I’m terrified that sooner or later, he’ll say he completely doesn’t need any extra youngsters — and I’ll be devastated.

I really feel very alone on this disagreement, however based on Jocelyn Charnas, a medical psychologist in non-public apply in Manhattan, we’re not the one couple going by way of this. “I’ve worked with a lot of couples on this,” she says.

Licensed medical psychologist Ramani Durvasula, writer of Should I Stay or Should I Go?, agrees. “It’s not uncommon,” she says, mentioning that similar to the query of whether or not or not individuals need to have children in any respect, how many children to have could be a deal-breaker in some newer relationships.

But Chris and I’ve been married for years and we’re dedicated to one another and our household — we’re simply at odds on this subject. According to the consultants, right here’s what we and different individuals in our scenario ought to do.

Don’t panic

It’s simple to suppose your relationship is in serious trouble when you can’t agree on the youngsters problem, however Charnas says it’s vital to take a step again earlier than making any assumptions. “It’s a doozy, and we can’t pretend that it’s not a difficult and complicated thing to address,” she says. “But it doesn’t mean your marriage is doomed and one partner is relegated to unhappiness. There is room to work with this.” Take a deep breath, then proceed to the subsequent step.

Have empathy — and ask for it in return

You’ve heard it earlier than: Marriage is a compromise. But Charnas factors out that compromise doesn’t actually work on this scenario. “This is something that’s ultimately a yes or no answer, and it can feel in a marriage like there is someone who wins this battle and loses this battle,” she says. “By virtue of that, it can be very emotional and painful.” That’s why it’s so vital to ask your associate to be understanding of the place you’re coming from or no less than attempt to.

But it goes each methods. Having extra youngsters is “a life-changing decision and one that cannot be changed down the road,” says Durvasula. “There are also practical considerations like money, housing and time.” Your associate might have these arguments as a cause for not eager to have extra children, or they is perhaps completely different. Either approach, it’s vital to additionally attempt to perceive their standpoint.

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Hear one another out

It’s powerful to place apart your emotions within the midst of such an emotionally charged subject, nevertheless it’s extremely vital to hear to one another with out judgment or interruption. Licensed marriage and household therapist David Klow, proprietor of Skylight Counseling Center in Chicago, says have to have an in-depth dialog about what having extra children (or not) means to them and truly hearken to what their associate says.

“Perhaps there’s strong meaning associated for each partner on what it would mean to grow their family,” he says. Some individuals fear about shedding a way of freedom, really feel like their desires should be placed on maintain or are involved about shedding out on one thing that may include having a bigger household, he says, and people are actual issues. “Making sense of the roots of the desire can deepen the conversation and make it easier to potentially problem-solve and move forward,” he says.

Consider speaking to a therapist

There’s plenty of alternative for resentment and bitterness to construct up on this scenario, Durvasula says, and that may be a tricky factor to cope with for the remainder of your life. That’s why she recommends bringing in an expert that will help you each navigate the difficulty in a loving approach. Of course, a therapist may not be your go-to resolution, or your associate could also be hesitant in regards to the concept of bringing another person into such a personal decision-making course of, however Klow says it may be particularly useful once you really feel “stuck” within the dialog. A mediator can do wonders in serving to you execute the remainder of these steps (having empathy, listening to one another out and extra).

Plan for the aftermath

There’s typically work to be finished to course of the ultimate determination, Charnas says. If you need extra children and also you in the end determine as a pair that you just’re finished, it’s a loss and must be handled as 1. “A loss takes time to process,” she says. But when you determine as a pair to have extra youngsters, it’s vital to provide your associate reassurance and permit them time to course of that too. “There’s a lot of emotional work that can be done before and after the decision is made to help you and your partner get through this intact and possibly even stronger,” Charnas says.

As for me, I’m undecided if we’ll have a 3rd child or not. Chris and I’ve an open dialogue and discuss in regards to the problem when it feels proper. While I really feel deeply that our household can be much more fantastic with one other little one, I’m grateful that I’ve a associate who will hear me out and 2 wonderful, wholesome sons — that is quite a bit to be pleased about, whether or not or not we convey one other little one into the world or not.

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