7 Tips To Help You Pack On More Plates


When you hit the gymnasium, likelihood is you are specializing in 1 factor: including extra weight to the bar. If you need to get stronger and construct extra muscle, it is a no-brainer. You can all the time add extra reps and units, however the quick monitor to massive features is perceived to be piling on the plates.

This stated, you will not be capable to add extra weight every time you’re employed out. But, when you comply with the following tips over time, it’s best to discover a common upward pattern within the variety of these 45-pound slabs that find yourself in your bar.

Note: These suggestions additionally work when you’ve hit a energy plateau and can not seem to break by means of. They’ll provide the additional ammo you may have to destroy your PR.

1. But First…Serve Yourself a Shot of Caffeine

If you are not coaching with any type of pre-workout complement or caffeine, now’s the time to start out. Caffeine is likely one of the most highly-used ergogenic aids and can provide you a mighty enhance in bodily power. It can sharpen your focus, too.

Research printed within the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism discovered that when topics supplemented with caffeine previous to a coaching session, they have been in a position to full extra weight on leg and chest presses—and maintain the next degree of peak energy in Wingate checks, which measure peak anaerobic energy and capability.[1]

Shot of caffeine

For finest outcomes, begin with 200 milligrams of caffeine 30 minutes previous to your exercise, then improve the dosage relying in your caffeine sensitivity. Take it straightforward, although. Large quantities of caffeine can intrude with sleep, and result in CNS fatigue. More isn’t essentially higher!

2. Do One Light Set Prior to Your Heavy Set

One mistake some lifters make goes straight for his or her heavy weight, usually after a really mild warmup set. That’s most likely not sufficient to prep your muscle mass for the abuse to come back.

Instead, begin by doing 1 mild set at 40-50 p.c of your max load. As you do that mild set, ensure you’re activating your goal muscle mass. You need each single fiber in these muscle mass fired up and able to contract when the extreme resistance kicks in. If you progress straight to your PR—or work your approach as much as it steadily—you run the chance of fatiguing your muscle mass too quickly and reducing your exercise quick.

3. Visualize A Successful Rep

Many nice athletes observe “seeing” themselves performing an train to perfection. They’ll stroll themselves by means of what they should do, mentally visualizing each step of their course of. If visualization works for them, you would possibly need to strive it along with your subsequent PR set.

Before you begin that set—and even earlier than you hit the gymnasium—take a couple of minutes to visualise your self utilizing good kind to finish every carry. The extra usually you are taking time to visualise, the extra assured you’ll be able to turn into. Over time, repeated visualization may even hard-wire your mind for achievement.

Visualize a successful rep

Using visualization does not imply you may abruptly be capable to add 2 extra 45-pound plates to your squat. But, when you’ve been struggling to make that 10-pound bounce out of your earlier PR, this method may enable you to get the job completed.

4. Get A PR Song

Music is likely one of the finest motivational aids for any sort of bodily exercise, so why not use it for packing on the plates? The trick is to choose one song that prices you up bodily and emotionally. What’s the 1 track that brings out your internal beast, that focuses your thoughts and elevates your pulse?

Once you discover that track, play it solely once you do your PR set. Don’t hearken to it another time—particularly once you’re not even on the gymnasium.

Never underestimate the ability of fine music. Professional athletes do not put on these headphones simply to look cool! (Well, most of them do not.)

5. Know Your Pre-workout Nutrition Strategy

Pre-workout nutrition is a should to get optimum outcomes out of your program. Ask your self, although: Are you perfecting your pre-workout diet? Or are you following normal protocol and mindlessly consuming some protein with some carbs previous to your session?

This primary strategy would possibly work when you aren’t seeking to hit a significant PR. But when it is time to actually step as much as the plate (no pun meant!), that you must dial-in your pre-workout diet plan to verify your physique has what it will want.

Know your pre-workout nutrition strategy

Some individuals really really feel higher once they skip carbs within the hour or 2 main as much as their exercise. That carb hit can really make them really feel barely sluggish and make it more durable for them to generate most drive.

Experiment along with your pre-workout diet to see what works finest for you. Does taking over quite a lot of carbs earlier than a exercise really feel good, or dangerous? If it slows you down, restructure your day so your breakfast is massive on carbs and protein, do the identical at lunch, then have a protein-only snack midafternoon earlier than you hit the gymnasium.

As lengthy as you are consuming sufficient high-quality carbs at these earlier meals, it’s best to have all of the glucose that you must energy your exercise.

6. Train the Negatives

Sometimes one of the simplest ways to realize energy and get previous a sticking level is to coach by means of the detrimental, or eccentric, portion of your reps.

Have a accomplice enable you to out with this 1. Choose a barely heavier weight than regular, and have your accomplice enable you to through the concentric, or lifting, portion of the motion. With their help, it’s best to be capable to get the burden up.

At this level, ask them to cease aiding you so you’ll be able to deal with controlling the burden by means of the eccentric, decreasing portion of the train. Most individuals will discover that they are stronger throughout this portion, and in a position to full it with out help.

Once you have completed the eccentric a part of the rep, ask you accomplice to step in once more and enable you to with the subsequent concentric section. Train negatives like this sufficient, and you will be stunned the subsequent time you attempt to wrangle some massive weight by means of the concentric.

7. Change Your Scenery

One closing tip: Visit a brand new gymnasium. Akin to an athlete who excels after being traded to a brand new crew, typically a change of surroundings is all that you must get your self psyched up and hit that subsequent weight degree.

If you have been coaching on the similar gymnasium for years, doing the identical exercise over and over, the novelty of one other gymnasium surroundings might encourage you to achieve new heights.


  1. Yannakoulia, M., Keramopoulos, A., & Matalas, A. L. (2004). Bone mineral density in younger lively females: the case of dancers. International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, 14(3), 285-297.


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