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The digestive system could make or break a day, a meal out, a date or an entire vacation! For those that endure critical digestive points, it may really feel like a every day battle wiping out any sense of fine well being.

Often known as the body’s second brain, the intestine is filled with microbes – micro organism inside our gastrointestinal tract that play an enormous position not only for our digestive well being, however in sustaining our total wellbeing. The stability inside the microcosm of the intestine is affected very clearly by what we eat but in addition by how we train, what we drink, our stress ranges and high quality of sleep. When in stability, we are able to take our digestive operate with no consideration – skipping flippantly by means of our days as our physique consumes and processes simply what it wants. On dangerous or indulgent days nonetheless, the results of overeating, consuming poorly, or not correctly digesting what we’ve consumed can actually weigh us down – fairly actually, bodily and emotionally.

From a yogic viewpoint, our digestive structure hinges on the idea of agni – the digestive hearth that governs all transformative processes inside us. It is the car by means of which meals turns into diet and acts as a processing plant to launch what isn’t wanted.

Agni is the gatekeeper of our good well being. When balanced, agni prevents the over-accumulation of gear inside us (bodily, psychological or emotional) that may in any other case act as blockages and create illness. When the digestive hearth is strong, the digestive tract can course of excesses, stopping them from touring any additional into our bodily, psychological and emotional physique.

Poses that activate, stimulate and strengthen the bodily area of the digestive organs and people who have an effect on the central nervous system are go-to’s after we want some digestive help.

Try these poses to assist regulate a contented, wholesome digestive system.

Downward canine

A well known sight to yogis and non-yoga practitioners alike, this acquainted pose soothes the entire nervous system – a key part in our digestive operate. The pose additionally strengthens and tones main muscle teams of the arms and thighs, and helps a versatile backbone. As the top is low, it’s an inversion – serving to to revitalise the nervous system, and likewise circulatory and lymphatic circulation.

What’s to not love?

  • Sit down on the shins to begin, reaching the palms out to the ground at shoulder width in entrance of you.
  • Curl your toes below and elevate the hips into the sky, straightening out your legs.
  • From this inverted V form, work on extending the legs – straightening them and resting the heels in direction of the ground.

Forward fold

This pose is a launch of the spinal column, decompressing the backbone and belly area after an evening’s sleep or a day’s exercise.

  • Take the toes to hip width distance, and fold the higher physique over the thighs.
  • Bend the knees if there may be any pressure within the hamstrings or decrease again, and maintain onto reverse higher arm with the palms.
  • Relax the load of the top.
  • Hold right here for ten deep breaths, letting all the pieces unravel.


This deep squat not solely opens the hips, it makes use of the pull of gravity within the belly and pelvic area to alleviate fuel and bloating. By conserving the backbone erect, we’re additionally in a position to stretch out the aspect waist, giving the digestive organs extra space.

  • From your standing ahead fold, flip the toes out barely.
  • Drop the hips in direction of the ground however preserve balanced on the toes (or balls of the toes if the heels received’t keep grounded – use a rolled-up towel below the heels to help your stability if wanted).
  • Hands can relaxation on the ground for stability, or convey the palms collectively, pushing the higher arms towards the interior thighs for additional stimulation of the interior groin.

Seated Forward Bend

This seated ahead bend prompts, stimulates and stretches the entire spinal column and central nervous system – which in flip helps to stimulate and strengthen the digestive organs and tract. One to observe frequently, and infrequently simpler on the physique within the afternoon fairly than the morning when the again muscle tissues and nerves haven’t but had time to loosen from every day motion.

  • Sit with the legs stretched out in entrance of the physique.
  • Keeping the knees and the again straight, fold from the hips, catching maintain of the large toes, ankles, calf muscle tissues or knees – relying on how far you may comfortably fold.
  • Take the top down additionally to wherever you may.
  • Take five-ten deep breaths right here.

Half Pigeon

Half pigeon pose stretches the muscle tissues and connective tissue of the pelvis and thighs. It additionally gently stimulates the belly space – bringing tone to the digestive area.

  • Come to all fours along with your palms beneath your shoulders, and knees beneath your hips.
  • Bring your proper knee to your proper wrist, and let the highest/outdoors of the correct foot relaxation down onto flooring, however up towards the left wrist. You’ve created a little bit of a aspect V form along with your shin, knee and thigh bones right here.
  • Start to decrease the pelvis towards the ground from right here and slide your prolonged left leg towards the again of your mat. The high of your again foot presses into the ground.
  • Be certain to not spill the pelvis to at least one aspect, and both keep upright resting on the palms beside your hips, or decrease the higher physique down in direction of the ground.
  • Hold for 1 minute.

Lateral Half Butterfly

This deep aspect stretch decompresses the backbone, permitting for a freer flowing spinal column and central nervous system – once more, each of which affect the functioning of the digestive system. The aspect stretch fairly clearly additionally creates area within the belly area, permitting issues to liberate and transfer about!

  • From Half-Pigeon: come again up onto the palms, roll over to the correct hip, conserving the knee bent and produce the left leg spherical in entrance.
  • Create a V form – proper knee bent and sole of the foot dealing with the interior left thigh, while the left leg is prolonged and over to the left.
  • Now prolong the left arm alongside the left leg, reaching the hand in direction of the left foot.
  • Raise the correct arm overhead and attain in direction of the left foot.
  • Hold for 1 minute, training a good, deep breath.

Repeat each Half Pigeon and Lateral Half Butterfly on the left aspect.

Half Folded Pose + Supine Twist

Half folded pose and supine twist apply mild stress to the digestive organs, notably the ascending and descending colon, serving to to maintain issues shifting! They each additionally stimulate the free circulation of motion inside the hips, pelvis and backbone – all key areas if we need to unblock stagnation within the digestive organs.

  • Laying in your again, prolong your legs out flat onto the ground.
  • Bending the correct knee, convey the knee towards your chest and interlace your fingers behind the thigh.
  • Hold this pose for 1 minute.
  • Now catch maintain of the surface of the correct knee and thigh with the left hand and drop the correct leg (knee nonetheless bent) over to the left to softly twist the backbone and digestive organs.
  • Allow the correct arm to straighten out throughout the ground, enjoyable the correct shoulder down.
  • Hold this pose additionally for 1 minute.
  • Repeat each the half-folded pose and twist on the left aspect.

Half Saddle

One finest practiced in case you have wholesome, ache free knees – this intense stretch of the quads (thighs) in addition to by means of the decrease backbone, targets the primary power line of the abdomen, thereby aiding digestion. It could be a useful pose to observe after consuming a bit of an excessive amount of, stimulating the digestive hearth.

  • Take a seat over the shins, now let the correct foot relaxation alongside the buttock (high of the foot faces the ground).
  • Extend the left leg in entrance of you, and start to lean again over some supportive props – ideally use some agency cushions, over books or blocks for those who want additional peak, at a slight incline. This is powerful on the thighs, and probably additionally knees and decrease again so progress slowly to guard joints.
  • Hold on either side for 1 minute, earlier than supporting your self again up onto the palms and stretch the legs out as soon as executed.

Tamara Ogilvie is the Director of Yogala, and a training Yoga Teacher.

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