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Katie Williams is bloody sturdy. She can plank for 4 minutes and assist her complete physique weight hanging from a bar for 5 minutes.

If you observe her on Instagram – she has 30,000 followers – it’s unattainable to not get misplaced in a trance whereas watching movies of her swinging from monkey bars, or upping her physique’s lactic acid tolerance on an assault bike.

When she does a set of chin ups, dozens of tanned muscle mass pulsate wildly throughout her again.

Williams, 23, is a machine. The former skilled sprinter is certainly one of the stars of Channel Nine’s new reality show Ninja Warrior, which premieres on Sunday night time.

She’s one of many 5000 Australians who auditioned for the Aussie model of the favored American collection and certainly one of 250 chosen to finish the difficult impediment course on Sydney’s Cockatoo Island.

Ninja Warrior is famous for attracting the fittest athletes in the world. Only seven folks worldwide have managed to finish the course in 20 years. In the Australian model, virtually a 3rd of all rivals are feminine, in response to Nine.

The audition course of included 4, five-minute workouts. As effectively because the plank and dead-hang, there was 5 minutes of skipping and pull-up to push-ups. Williams accomplished all of them.

“It’s a tough utility and I believe that’s what types out the people who find themselves simply giving it a go from the people who are athletes,” Williams, from Sydney, instructed

“But coaching for Ninja Warrior is extraordinarily troublesome since you don’t know the course beforehand and what you’re going to face,” Williams stated.

She skilled at a particular “Ninja gym” 3 days per week and did a number of mountaineering, as a result of she wanted her arms to be sturdy sufficient to assist her physique weight all through the course.

“It’s loopy coaching. You can’t simply go to a standard fitness center and practice for Ninja Warrior,” Williams stated.

“You need to have mountaineering partitions and issues that transfer, since you want forearm power and cognitive capacity to see the place your subsequent motion is.

“You need to have velocity as a result of within the course you could be working by obstacles or working over shifting obstacles. I nonetheless did my hill sprints, working stairs, a whole lot of skipping, so I might get that quick ft motion. At the fitness center you run up a vertical wall and that’s the most difficult transfer.

“The greatest factor is working in your grip power and endurance. You do it by doing lifeless hangs, mountaineering and monkey bars. Anything that includes hanging.

“You additionally want stability and co-ordination, so generally I went to the park and walked throughout these stability beams. You need to be extraordinarily agile and light-weight in your ft; like a gymnast, so I did a number of leaping.”

Aside from her common dash coaching, most of Williams’ preparation concerned her higher physique.

Everything I did was purely body weight. I wasn’t doing any lifeless lifts or squats. I believe I placed on 3kg of muscle mass largely in my arms, as a result of a lot of what I used to be doing was with my higher physique. You have to have the ability to maintain your physique weight for a number of minutes,” she stated.

“It’s bloody hard, because you’re using your forearms and they fatigue because they’re small. We all end up with big pop-eye forearms. I’ve got shocking calluses. My hands are all ripped apart.”

Williams didn’t change her food plan an excessive amount of throughout Ninja coaching, however she wanted to eat extra meals to gasoline her rising muscle mass.

“I upped my protein quite a lot and was taking BCAAs [branched chain amino ccids]. I was having BCAAs during the session and after, because during training I was getting so sore. That’s purely just from using your forearms so much,” she stated.

“I’ve a distinct physique now to throughout Ninja. I look again at images now and I really feel like I’ve slipped a bit, as a result of I skilled so laborious.”

But Williams is human like the remainder of us and says she’s not afraid to indulge when she needs to.

“My diet is not amazing. I would say I’m about 70-30 [70 per cent healthy, 30 per cent treats]. I love alcohol. I love chocolate. My philosophy in life is everything in moderation. For me it’s all about balance,” she stated.

“If you exit and have cocktails that night time, go for a stroll within the morning. When your physique wants a inexperienced smoothie, have 1. When it wants an ice cream, have an ice cream. I’m going out on a regular basis. I get invited to those occasions – as if I’m not going to go and have a champagne.

“If I’m going to have dessert I’m going to ensure I’ve a tremendous dessert. I nonetheless drink, I nonetheless exit and go on holidays and blow out, and take all of it off after I come again.”

The stress on ladies to be skinny is unhealthy, Williams believes, and hopes the present will assist return the main target to general well being and health.

“There’s so much pressure on women to be a certain way and look a certain way. If I could use my time on the show in a positive way, I want my voice to be about life balance and enjoying everything in life,” she stated.

Katie’s Ninja Diet

Breakfast: Protein oats with banana and berries, or an egg omelet with greens or a inexperienced smoothie bowl with muesli and nuts.

Lunch: Salmon and greens, or vegetable soup or rice paper rolls

Dinner: Chicken and candy potato nachos. “My boyfriend makes it with chicken breast and roasts sweet potatoes as the chips. We do that a lot and mix beans with it,” Williams stated.

Ninja Warrior airs Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights at 7pm on Nine.

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