Jim Stoppani’s Whole-Body H.I.T. Blitz


One letter could make a giant distinction. No, this isn’t one other HIIT cardio article. Drop one of many I’s, and that is what we’re speaking about right here: H.I.T., or high-intensity coaching.

With my current Full-Body Giant-Set Program routines, I confirmed you a high-volume solution to hit every main muscle group in each full-body exercise. You had been primarily doing 4 workout routines for 4 complete units per muscle group every time. This method may classify as high-volume coaching, particularly if you happen to carried out it for 7 days straight, like I did on my Facebook web page.

H.I.T., then again, is constructed round decrease quantity and better depth. On a per-workout foundation, you are hitting simply in regards to the minimal quantity of quantity potential for every muscle group: 1 warm-up set, and 1 working set. That’s it.

But this is the rub: The 1 working set is not a typical straight set. It’s a multiple-times-to-failure, drop-setting, rest-pausing, all-out muscle-burning barrage. Once the set’s over, you are accomplished with that muscle group—and you realize it!

H.I.T. is nice for selling muscle mass and energy, and in addition sparking fats loss. It simply does so by way of tremendous excessive depth, not quantity. When fueled with correct vitamin and dietary supplements, excessive depth can equal quick outcomes. If you are quick on time however nonetheless wish to get in a quick but efficient muscle-building exercise, this might be proper up your ally.

H.I.T. is great for promoting muscle mass and strength, and also sparking fat loss.

H.I.T History

H.I.T. was first popularized a long time in the past by Arthur Jones, the founding father of Nautilus, and reached the coaching mainstream with assist from the late, nice professional bodybuilder Mike Mentzer. Other bodybuilders who noticed nice outcomes from this coaching methodology embrace Casey Viator, Lee Labrada, and naturally, Dorian Yates.

Here’s the essence of it, and the way you will be performing it if you happen to observe my exercises:

Intensity: Although many H.I.T. followers use very heavy weight and low reps, H.I.T. is not simply in regards to the weight used, however about coaching past the purpose of absolute muscle failure. Every set should be taken past failure for the method to work. This requires the usage of superior coaching methods. With my H.I.T. protocol, these methods embrace dropsets, rest-pauses, and both cheat reps or pressured reps.

Volume: The motive H.I.T. requires just one working set—as a substitute of, say, 2-3 units—per train is straightforward: If a number of units of an train are carried out, each set cannot be educated with most depth. By doing 1, and just one, working set of an train, you could have a greater probability of coaching with most depth on each working set.

Frequency: Another factor of H.I.T. that Mentzer, Yates, et al., subscribed to was low frequency. In their interpretation, this meant coaching each muscle group not more than sooner or later per week to permit for enough restoration from the brutally intense working units.

My model of H.I.T. entails full-body exercises—as much as 5 of them per week. So clearly, I am violating the low frequency H.I.T. legislation. But think about these elements:

  • When Yates, for instance, did H.I.T. exercises, he did a number of workout routines for every physique half each session; in my model, you are solely doing 1 train per muscle group per exercise.
  • Yates additionally did greater than only one warm-up set for the primary train or 2 per physique half—usually 2-3 warm-ups set. And his warm-up units weren’t all the time straightforward; in truth, most of Yates’ warm-up units would have been thought of difficult working units for the typical gymnasium goer. In my H.I.T. exercises, the 1 warm-up set is actually a straightforward priming set.

H.I.T. Science

There’s no analysis to particularly assist the speculation of H.I.T. However, the logic that underlies it’s wise. Basically, it depends on muscle progress by the mechanism of muscle injury and regeneration.

Although science nonetheless is aware of little about exactly how muscle mass develop, there are 2 believable theories that appear to each contribute to muscle progress. The first mechanism entails damaging the construction of a muscle cell with mechanical stress, similar to heavy weight. In response, the broken muscle cells kick off a regeneration course of that finally ends up with newer, stronger muscle cells changing the broken ones.

Anecdotal reviews from bodybuilders who’ve used H.I.T. coaching are assorted. Some report appreciable good points in each measurement and energy. But for a lot of, the preliminary progress quickly involves a halt. The motive some have failed with H.I.T. coaching is probably going as a result of 1 downside that each one coaching applications have: If you observe it for too lengthy, your progress is prone to come to a screeching halt.

Instead of sticking with only one coaching philosophy, like H.I.T., I like to recommend embracing a plethora of coaching applications, and biking them incessantly. This is exactly why I have been feeding you a brand new coaching method each week on Bodybuilding.com. Here’s what we have gone by to this point:

Hit the H.I.T. Blitz for every week, like I will be doing myself and displaying you on my Facebook page over the subsequent 5 days, then transfer on to my subsequent featured method and accompanying program. (Spoiler alert: That subsequent method would possibly contain the quantity 100, so keep tuned.)

Stoppani-Style H.I.T: The Details

The H.I.T. protocol that I am outlining right here might be carried out as much as 5 days every week. In every exercise, you will prepare all main muscle teams:

  • Chest
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Shoulders
  • Traps
  • Triceps
  • Biceps
  • Forearms
  • Calves
  • Abs

That’s the order I am going to usually prepare them, as properly.

Time-saving tip: If you are on a good schedule and must shorten the exercise, be happy to drop a number of of the smaller physique components, similar to traps, forearms, calves, or abs.

As I discussed earlier, you will do 1 train per muscle group, with 1 warm-up set and 1 working set for every train. Here’s precisely how these units will look:

Warm-Up Set

Using 50 p.c of your estimated 3-6 rep max, do wherever from 5-7 reps, stopping properly in need of failure. Keep in thoughts that the aim right here is activation, not arduous work. Rest 1 minute or so, then transfer on to your working set.

Using 50 percent of your estimated 3-6 rep max, do anywhere from 5-7 reps, stopping well short of failure.

Working Set

  1. Using your 3-6 rep max, rep out to failure between 3 and 6 reps.
  2. Rest 10-20 seconds, then decide up that weight once more and go to failure. This is a rest-pause set.
  3. Immediately lighten the load to your warm-up weight, 50 p.c of 3-6 rep max, and go to failure once more. This is a dropset.
  4. Rest 10-20 seconds, then decide up that lighter weight once more and go to failure—one other rest-pause set.
  5. Without resting, end the set with both 2-3 cheat reps—permitting a bit of “body English” that can assist you get just a few extra reps—or pressured reps, having a accomplice allow you to get 2-3 extra reps after reaching failure. If you are coaching alone however doing a one-arm dumbbell train, it’s also possible to use your non-working hand that can assist you get the pressured reps.

You’re accomplished with that train. Rest 1-2 minutes, or as little as you want, and transfer on to the subsequent muscle group.

Exercise Selection

You can use just about any train for H.I.T.: compound (multijoint) train, single-joint strikes, free weights, machines, cables—you title it. In my expertise, machines work properly for these H.I.T. exercises, as a result of they’re often conducive to each dropsets, the place lowering weight is a straightforward matter of shifting the pin up the stack; and rest-pauses, as a result of you possibly can shortly and simply rack the load, relaxation briefly, then decide it again up.

Consider altering up the muscle group focus from 1 exercise to the subsequent. For instance, if you happen to did wide-grip lat pull-downs in exercise 1, which goal the higher lat muscle fibers and teres main, you might do an train that higher targets the decrease lats, like reverse-grip rows, within the subsequent exercise.

In the exercises I am going to present you on social media within the coming days, I will be utilizing a wide range of totally different workout routines and gear inside the H.I.T. protocol. This ought to offer you a fairly good concept of what strikes can be most conducive for efficient H.I.T. exercises.

Consider in the present day an off day earlier than I begin unveiling my H.I.T. exercises on Facebook tomorrow. You’ll want the remainder earlier than the depth blitz begins!

Visit JimStoppani.com for extra exercises, coaching suggestions, and articles on vitamin and supplementation.

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