Most widespread well being and health questions answered: Belly fats, HIIT coaching


From what trainers you should what time it is best to eat, we have requested 4 well being and fitness experts probably the most generally requested questions that can assist you smash your goals this year.

Meet our consultants

  • Michelle Bridges, b+s health skilled
  • Victoria Burdon, Exercise scientist and head coach at Zova
  • Paul Penna, Sports psychologist at Focus Performance Psychology
  • Kusal Goonewardena, Physiotherapist at Elite Akademy

Q: I’ve a foul again. What exercises can I do?

Water actions are very secure as a result of your physique weight is diminished by 70 per cent. As a outcome, your muscles, joints and nerves are capable of work much more simply and this lets you work your coronary heart and lungs whereas allowing the rest of your body to recover. If you don’t have entry to a pool, Pilates can be a superb choice, as a result of it strengthens your core and posture – and when these items are working correctly, every little thing else falls into place. KG

Q: How I can profit from HIIT periods?

Don’t overtrain! HIIT is intense and your physique wants ample time to recuperate. If you’re not taking sufficient time between coaching periods, not getting sufficient sleep or not fuelling your self correctly, you’ll enter the overtraining area – and that’s the place outcomes go to die. Yes, HIIT is certainly primarily based on that ‘go hard or go home’ mentality, however in case you don’t truly go dwelling and relaxation, you received’t see any adjustments. MB

Q: Should I put on completely different trainers for weightlifting and operating?

Some sneakers are made for each, nevertheless it depends upon the particular kind of coaching you’re doing. If you’re operating over lengthy distances, you’ll want a running-specific pair, however in case you’re doing sprints or shorter distances, like a 5km route, you’ll be able to raise in them with no drawback. Running sneakers are designed with extra cushioning and assist, whereas lifting sneakers must be flat and grippy, so select the fashion that most closely fits the kind of coaching you do in your common routine. VB

Q: How do I exploit a foam curler accurately?

Foam rolling is nice as a result of it permits you to self-massage, nevertheless it’s necessary to do it in the proper approach. Here’s how…

Keep respiratory: many individuals maintain their breath however this tenses up your muscular tissues. Keep your breath regular to remain relaxed.

Press firmly: spending 15 seconds flippantly rolling your muscular tissues isn’t efficient. You must ensure you really feel slight, tolerable discomfort in your goal areas.

Be constant: dedicate 2 to a few minutes on every of the main muscle teams (such because the higher again, glutes, shoulders, hamstrings and calves). This approach, you’ll have a beautiful launch and preserve every little thing super-loose. KG

Q: What’s the easiest way to blast stomach fats?

It all comes all the way down to your food plan. Reduce your total kilojoule consumption, restrict the quantity of processed meals, sugar and alcohol you eat, and eat extra fruit and greens. Having an excessive amount of stress in your life may trigger you to carry on to extra stomach fats, so remember to take day trip to unwind on daily basis.

Although most individuals suppose crunches are the easiest way to attain abs, holding strikes like planks are rather more efficient as a result of they work your total core. It’s necessary to do not forget that ab workout routines alone received’t offer you a six-pack – solely a clear food plan will. VB

Q: How can I keep away from blowouts?

Lose the ‘all or nothing’ mentality. If you set limiting guidelines for your self, you’ll be extra prone to break them in an enormous approach. Planning to have 3 serves of carbs through the week is much better than planning to have none as a result of by not permitting your self to have any, you’re instantly setting your self up for failure. The minute you eat a chunk of bread you’ll suppose you’ve blown it, so that you’ll be extra tempted to observe it with pizza, pasta and potato salad. There must be steadiness for there to be longevity. It’s much better to have 1 slice of pizza 2 occasions every week than to have 2 giant pizzas simply since you slipped up as soon as. PP

Q: Do I actually need to stretch on daily basis?

Yes. Your backbone loves to maneuver in all completely different instructions, however most adults are inclined to solely transfer forwards and backwards, and this may trigger points within the decrease again, hips and knees, and may even trigger complications. To stop this, I like to recommend you carry out arm swings and facet stretches on daily basis.

For the arm swings, get up straight and swing your arms backward and forward so that you simply’re getting a pleasant spinal rotation. For the facet stretch, stand together with your knees barely aside, then slide your arm down in the direction of your knee and curve the alternative arm over your head. Do every of those workout routines 20 occasions. It’ll take round 30 seconds and also you’ll preserve your backbone in fine condition, which can preserve your different muscular tissues working nicely, too. KG

Q: Should I eat earlier than or after my exercise?

It depends upon what time of the day you’re employed out and the way your physique reacts. If you’re aiming to raise heavy weights on an empty abdomen, you’ll be restricted since you received’t have any glucose in your blood to make use of for gas. But in case you’re doing cardio early within the morning, you may really feel higher consuming after your session. If you ever really feel light-headed or nauseous throughout your exercise, it’s greatest to eat one thing small that’s digested rapidly, like half of a banana or a handful of oats. VB

Q: Is cardio health or energy coaching extra necessary?

They’re each necessary. Strength coaching helps keep your bone density (which is very necessary as you age) and it additionally helps to construct and keep muscle mass. Cardio work retains your engine burning effectively so you’ll be able to profit from your muscle energy and bone density. You must do each to make sure you get one of the best of each worlds. If you’re quick on time, do a exercise that targets each, reminiscent of lifting heavy weights. This will enhance your muscle energy and bone density whereas additionally difficult your cardio health. MB

Q: How can I keep my motivation?

“Spend a bit of time working out what’s important to you. If you don’t know why you want to run that half-marathon in a certain amount of time, chances are you’ll find it harder to overcome obstacles and distractions. It’s also important to have realistic goals and set realistic timelines for yourself. You need to be flexible and account for things like injuries, and good days and bad days. Goals need to be liveable so you can adapt them to your life.” PP

Q: Is it attainable to identify scale back?

“Although you can’t choose where you lose fat from, you can still change how your body looks. It’s not about zapping fat – it’s about building muscle to give certain areas more definition and shape. If you don’t have any muscle in your arms, they’ll still look flabby even after you lose weight. Build up your arm muscles, though, and they’ll appear toned regardless of whether you shed a few kilos.” VB

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Target Active Adjustable Aerobic Step ($19,

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MB Active Micro Sculpting Bands ($15,

“Resistance bands are a really lightweight and versatile piece of kit. You can take them on travel and you can do a whole-body workout with them.”

Kmart 9kg Weighted Vest ($25,

“A weighted vest adds intensity while keeping your hands free. It can be worn during high-impact exercises, like planks, sprint runs and shadow boxing. And it can boost incidental exercise, such as housework or walking the dog.”

Celcius 10kg Dipped Dumbbell Set ($49.99,

“Dumbbells are great for exercises that target muscles independently, because each muscle has to work to move its own dumbbell weight. They’re also good for exercises such as Turkish get-ups, which require a weight to be held in one hand.”

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