The Best Performance Food for Every Activity


Twenty years in the past, efficiency vitamin meant water and a banana. Today, it extra intently resembles a science experiment, with neon-colored gels, powders, gummies, and an limitless stream of protein and vitality bars. That leaves many individuals (together with us) overwhelmed and confused, so we got down to decide what to eat and when to eat it.

“The two most important factors to think about with these foods are the glycemic load and absorbability,” says Megan Forbes, a registered dietitian and founding father of Forbes Nutritional Consulting. That means it’s good to take into account a meals’s dietary profile—what’s in it and the way lengthy the vitality it comprises will final—and the way rapidly your physique can digest after which use that vitality.

There’s a guideline to sports activities vitamin: Easily digestible carbs are greatest for brief, quick efforts, whereas extra advanced meals increased in protein and fats are good for gradual, all-day excursions. To show you how to kind out the place as we speak’s hottest efficiency meals fall, we created a matrix that ranks 19 of these gadgets.

We checked out absorbability (ten means the meals is straightforward to digest and fast to soak up; 1 signifies the meals is hard to digest and gradual to soak up) and dietary high quality (ten means it’s excessive in vitamins like easy carbs that make for wonderful efficiency gasoline throughout high-intensity efforts; 1 means it has increased fats, protein, or fiber content material that makes it much less ultimate for high-intensity efforts). A disclaimer: Since this can be a rating primarily based on efficiency meals, we’re not saying lower-ranked meals are typically worse to your well being; they’re simply not useful for all-out coaching efforts.

This is your information to selecting what to eat earlier than any exercise. (Jackie Ferrentino/Outside)

Best for Immediate Energy

Drink Mixes

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In the not too distant previous, your solely hydration choices had been water or the sugar gut-bomb that’s Gatorade. But the market has exploded lately, with producers like Tailwind, Skratch Labs, and Gu Roctane tailoring their powders for ultimate endurance hydration. Many of those mixes are filled with carbohydrates, sugar, and a few salts, giving athletes the important electrolytes and energy they want quite than simply an overdose of sugar. And with a very excessive absorbability, they’re out and in of your system within the blink of a watch, excellent throughout intense efforts. “I think many people have the misconception that they want complex foods during activity. That’s backwards,” says Steph Violett, a champion ultrarunner with a PhD in vitamin. “That is the time you actually want the most simple sugar you can get. It will go directly to the working muscles to be used for energy.”


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Gels have every little thing the physique wants when your coronary heart fee is skyrocketing and your physique is blowing by vitality—easy sugars, sodium, and electrolytes. They’re endurance-athlete rocket gasoline, offering an nearly immediate increase. By that very same token, they’re used up nearly simply as rapidly. So, throughout extended intense efforts, it’s key to eat gels early and infrequently to stop emptying your vitality reserves.

Performance Chews

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With a number of extra energy per package deal and a barely slower absorption fee, consider efficiency chews—like Clif Shot Bloks or Honey Stinger Chews—as an incrementally longer-lasting gel. They too are usually filled with sugar, potassium, and sodium, however they require just a bit extra time for the physique to digest than a near-liquid gel.

Rice Balls

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Homemade efficiency meals are having a second. Specifically, rice-based, bite-sized home made vitality balls crammed with substances starting from eggs and ginger to dates and chocolate chips. With its reasonably excessive glycemic index, rice helps athletes refuel equally to straight sugar—rapidly and simply—says Forbes. Although vitality balls can differ broadly when it comes to their particular make-up—a fast Google search reveals 1000’s of recipes—it’s nonetheless onerous to hit all the identical dietary markers with one thing you whip up in your kitchen as you possibly can with a wonderfully calibrated lab-designed chew or gel. That means these are ultimate throughout lengthy, average efforts, like an ultramarathon or an enormous bike journey, once you’re craving actual meals however are working too onerous to abdomen something particularly excessive in fiber, fats, or protein.


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With heaps of sugar and normally caffeine, soda has develop into a stunning and counterintuitive efficiency meals for ultramarathoners. Coke and Sprite are among the many hottest gadgets at any support station, and many individuals swear by them because the miles begin to add up. But be warned: Relying on the carbonated goodness for too lengthy will depart you brief on key electrolytes and sodium.

Best for Somewhere in Between


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Sour and gummy candies are simply absorbed and loaded with sugar vitality. But with out a lot else when it comes to very important vitamin—just like the sodium or electrolytes usually included in gels or drink mixes—you run the chance of bonking fairly rapidly if that is your sole supply of gasoline. If nothing else, Violett says the most effective factor about sweet is that it breaks up the performance-food monotony. “Sometimes it sounds way more appealing to eat Swedish Fish than a sleeve of blocks.”

Real Fruit

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While actual fruit has a decrease glycemic index than dried fruit, which means it can present much less quick vitality within the type of carbohydrates, it’s usually much more advanced and wealthy when it comes to vitamins. Plus, extra water content material means a bonus of hydration. But Violett warns that fruit is excessive in fructose and fiber, which might sit within the intestine and trigger misery. So whereas fruit is comparatively simply absorbed and will provide you with quick vitality, it’s greatest to reserve it for average to gradual efforts.

Bone Broth

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During a chilly, lengthy mountain race, there’s nearly nothing extra satisfying than a cup of broth. There’s a cause it’s spooned out at practically each ultramarathon support station: Broth supplies hydration and replenishes misplaced salts. But Forbes warns that broth has little in the way in which of energy and, if not taken with different meals, might mess up an athlete’s salt steadiness.

Best for the Long Haul


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Potatoes are a deceptively nice efficiency meals. They’re excessive in potassium, which may also help steadiness your electrolyte wants, in addition to tons of minerals, nutritional vitamins, and greater than 30 grams of carbs, says Forbes. Ultrarunner Nickademus Hollon, who completed the infamous Barkley Marathons at age 22, told Outside in June that he runs with salty mashed potatoes in a plastic bag, squeezing globs out as wanted.


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The Dutch have been consuming the stroopwafel—2 skinny layers of baked dough sandwiched round a candy, syrupy inside—for greater than 200 years. The idea has just lately been co-opted by sports activities vitamin corporations like Gu, Honey Stinger, and UnTapped, which have created their very own performance-oriented waffles. They are likely to have the identical sugar and carbohydrate content material, with added sodium and amino acids to assist restore broken muscle mass. The catch, although, is that many of those stroopwafels comprise fats, making them onerous to digest at excessive intensities. These waffles are greatest to eat earlier than exercise or early on throughout longer efforts.


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Among European athletes, cheese is nearly extra well-liked than gels. This is smart: Loads of European races are in or close to the Alps, with inclines and grades far steeper than just about something you’d discover within the United States. As such, racers are sometimes mountain climbing and transferring slowly. For any such motion, cheese, which is normally fairly onerous to digest, is the right gasoline. “It’s got a little bit of fat, a bit of protein, a tiny bit of carbohydrate. And it’s got salt,” says Forbes.

Violett agrees. “I think it works at UTMB and other European races because there is so much less intense running involved,” she says. “But in the U.S., I can’t think of a race where I’d use cheese.”


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For years, the nice ol’ peanut butter and jelly sandwich has been the key weapon for nearly everybody. The mixture of fats from the nut butter, sugar from the jelly, and carbohydrates from the bread make this centuries-old sandwich a digital do-everything efficiency meals. The solely draw back, in response to each Forbes and Violett, is that the sandwich is pretty onerous to digest given the fats content material of the peanut butter and the little bit of protein that is available in baked bread. It’s excellent for the lengthy, sustained hike, or as prerace gasoline earlier than an intense effort.

Energy Bars

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The vitality bar is probably essentially the most old-school efficiency meals, albeit not essentially the best 1. Whether that’s Clif, PowerBar, Bobos, or ProBar, these grain-, oat-, or fruit-based bars have a superb quantity of carbohydrates and sugar for quick vitality, some fats and protein for longer-lasting gasoline, and a little bit of sodium and electrolytes to assist replenish what the physique loses in sweat. It’s for this identical cause, although, that all these bars will not be ultimate for the tremendous high-intensity racer—there’s an excessive amount of happening. Energy bars are optimum for the gradual burn out on the paths or all-day ski.

“I think bars are wonderful for a pre-run snack or post-run,” says Violett. “But [during intense exercise] you don’t really want something that takes time to digest.” As this bar toes the road between slow-burning and quick-acting efficiency meals greater than nearly some other merchandise on this listing, it’s vital to know your physique nicely earlier than you make them part of your race-day vitamin plan.

Protein Bars

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It’s onerous for the physique to interrupt down and make the most of protein when the center fee is excessive, which is why Forbes reserves protein bars—choices like Clif’s Builders and Quest Bars, each of which have greater than 20 grams of protein—for simpler actions the place the depth is mostly decrease than it could be throughout a severe coaching effort or race. “[Protein bars] would be great while hiking or even skiing,” she says. “Even like in between weight-training sessions, or prior to weight training, your protein bars would be ideal.” Generally, although, it’s greatest to save lots of these dense bars for restoration or as a light-weight meal alternative.

Best for Pre- and Post-Race


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Sure, there’s something supremely satisfying in regards to the salty crunch of a chip, particularly whereas on the path. But when it comes to its viability a efficiency meals, not a lot. High fats content material from the frying course of makes chips tough to soak up. And you’re probably not getting a big quantity of any macronutrient from a standard serving of chips. Think of chips as a style deal with—enjoyable to munch on and doubtlessly useful in settling an upset abdomen, however removed from ultimate for sustained efficiency vitamin.

Meat Bars and Jerky

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Jerky has been a staple path meals amongst hikers for years. Recently, with the rise in recognition of high-fat, low-carb diets, the meat snack market has exploded, with corporations like Epic and Krave creating bars and jerkies from bison, turkey, hen, and pork, to call a number of. It’s typically greatest to save lots of these for restoration, meal alternative, or very lengthy, simple hikes, when your slow-moving physique has the flexibility to interrupt down and use the dense protein. Violett sums it up: “This is not a performance food.”

Baked Goods

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The baked good—like a bagel, biscuit, scone, or tart—has been the go-to pre-run or journey gasoline for hundreds of years. And for good cause: Most pastries are tasty and filled with carbohydrates and sugar. You’ll most likely wish to reserve these treats for pre-training gasoline, although, as the upper fats content material in issues like a scone and croissant makes it tougher to your abdomen to interrupt down and put to work throughout train. Plus, with none important quantities of sodium, electrolytes, or amino acids, baked items received’t do a lot for the exercising physique beside give it a fast rush of vitality.


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Chocolate has for a while been touted as a superfood—a deceptively wholesome deal with for the center and mind, supplemented by research displaying that its excessive antioxidant depend—epicatechin, particularly—helps blood circulate and thus endurance efficiency. For essentially the most half, that is true, however each Forbes and Violett warn towards consuming an excessive amount of chocolate whilst you’re really exercising. The excessive fats content material and variability between several types of chocolate—to not point out the contents of various chocolate sweet bars—make the deal with of venture to eat whereas the center fee is excessive.

Dried Fruit

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Sprinkled in practically each sort of path combine and a staple amongst hikers, dried fruits like raisins, mango, apricots, and dates are loaded with pure sugars and can give anybody on the transfer a pick-me-up. However, since dried fruit so condensed, “it is tougher to absorb than real fruit and requires much more water to process,” says Violett. “Not super ideal during activity for that reason. Save the dried fruit for less active times, like backpacking or at rest.”

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