Guy Sebastian’s spouse Jules reveals physique reworking health routine


Jules Sebastian isn’t immune from the problems most working mums face – particularly in relation to becoming in time to train. The busy mom of 2 and spouse to Guy Sebastian admits that when it got here to train, it hardly ranked as a precedence in her life.

“I was in a place where I didn’t feel good about myself anymore,” Jules remembers. “I was still a size 8 but barely squeezing into my clothes, and on the verge of going up a size. I thought, ‘I’m a mum now, so maybe this is just it – this is the mum bod, and I should be content’. But I definitely wasn’t happy about it. I wasn’t feeling like my best version.”

So when hubby Guy set a purpose to go topless on the duvet of Men’s Health Magazine, Jules took this as her alternative to additionally revamp her well being. “Once Guy started training, that really inspired me and we ended up doing it together. Literally overnight we started training and began our new lives. It really felt like ‘it’s now or never’ and that’s how we approached it.”

The couple signed as much as this system ‘8 Weeks to Wow’ below the guise of founders Emilie Brabon-Hames and Chief Brabon.

“We began training 6 days a week, which seems impossible when you think about. I’m totally that person who has all the excuses in the world [‘I don’t have time’ and ‘I’m a working mum of two kids’] – I never thought I could find an hour out of each day to train. Turns out I could.”

Jules took an all or nothing strategy to her well being kick, reducing out all sugar, alcohol, and processed meals for the 8 weeks. “For me it had to be black and white, there is no grey area. There are no cheat days, there’s no cheeky slice of cake.”

“We minimize out sugar and carbs for a very good couple of weeks simply to reset the physique, then we reintroduced some later, about week 6 or 7. Things like candy potato and pumpkin which tasted like the most effective factor we’d eaten in all of our lives. Alcohol was one thing else we fully minimize out. It was a really busy time for us and I keep in mind being out at a live performance, and there was this big cheese platter and champagne flowing, and Guy and I had been simply staring on the meals holding one another, saying ‘don’t do it, don’t do it!’

So how did she actually fit it into her schedule? “Thankfully Hudson began college final yr, and Archie is in pre-school so once they’re each at school, that’s no downside. If I had Archie on these days, the trainers would come to our house – we now have a bit of fitness center arrange in our yard– so Archie would simply surprise about whereas we labored out.”

Jules learnt to slot in health at each given alternative, whether or not it was dates with buddies (‘Samantha Jade and I would jump on the treadmill together before school pick-ups’) or whereas the boys had been at sport observe. “The other day, Hudson was at soccer practice and Archie was zooming around on his scooter, and I was just running laps of the oval. It is chaos, it is hard, and you have to plan ahead, but if you want to do it, you can.”

When it got here to food regimen, she approached it meal by meal, making small more healthy selections alongside the way in which.

“I like meals and I like unhealthy meals – hot chips and carbs are my weakness. Each time for supper it’s a choice for me; ‘Am I going to go for the healthy option or am I going to go for the unhealthy option. If I go out for breakfast I weigh up the French toast or pancakes against the avocado smash and poached eggs. It’s nonetheless scrumptious, however simply not stuffed with sugar and unhealthy stuff.”

Snacking was additionally an enormous deal for Jules, as she learnt to swap out her indulgent chocolate treats with fruit and nuts, or a protein bar to tide her over till her subsequent meal.

“Em, who is part of the training team is a nutritionist and she helped me with my nutrition. It was never a hard and fast rule on portions, rather I had to relearn the ‘right’ way to eat. Now I know that when I go to the grocery store I spend the majority of my time in the fresh fruit and veggie section, or buying some sort of protein like chicken or fish.”

“Heaps of veggies, heaps of water, heaps of protein, greens, kale, celery, cucumber. All things green.”

Training was balancing a mixture of both high intensity cardio and resistance training and weights. “I’m a girl so I was like, wait – I don’t want to bulk up! But now that I know, one without the other doesn’t really work. If you’re constantly doing cardio, your muscles don’t build the same way as they do with weights. And resistance also builds a lot of strength.”

Jules labored a mixture of sprints and intervals on the treadmill, cross-trainer, and bike, and mixed that with all-over resistance work. “I like using my own body weight for things like push-ups and triceps dips.”

It took till about week 3 for Jules to see a visual distinction in her physique. “Before that point, it was really hard to stay motivated, I was putting in all of this hard work and nothing was happening. Then come week 3, I looked in the mirror and thought, ‘okay, I can see something happening here’. My stomach was flatter, and everything was starting to morph into something else.”

“Hand on my heart I can say that it has changed my life. It sounds so dramatic but it really has. More than the body transformation, It’s how I feel. I have more energy, I am happier, I’m in a better mood, I’m better for my kids, I’m a better mum, I’m a better wife. My mind is really clear.”

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