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Maude Julien’s father tried to show her right into a ‘superhuman’ by means of a collection of merciless experiments. Now aged 60, she recollects how she survived her her horrifying upbringing and started to steer a contented and well-balanced life

Maude Julien’s upbringing reflected her father’s psychopathology.

The solely lady on the planet: Maude Julien’s upbringing mirrored her father’s psychopathology. Illustration: Andrea De Santis/Observer

In 1936, a 34-year-old French businessman referred to as Louis Didier struck a cut price with a poor mining couple in Lille: he persuaded them to offer him their six-year-old daughter, Jeannine. Didier would supply the lady with materials safety and a university-level schooling and in return, her mother and father would by no means see her once more. For Didier the handover was a day of grave significance, the primary huge step in the direction of realising his life’s ambition.

His plan was to make use of Jeannine to offer him a toddler that he would then sculpt into what he envisaged can be a superhuman. The youngster can be raised to have the ability to survive focus camps and face up to torture below interrogation. Didier’s confused and hostile worldview took form throughout the years between the First and Second World Wars and he was satisfied that, if correctly bodily, mentally and emotionally skilled from start, it might be attainable for an individual to transcend regular human actuality. He launched into his challenge.

The supposed superhuman in query, Maude Julien, is now 60, tall and well-dressed, with the blonde hair and blue eyes that her father, a convert to Nietzsche’s concept of the Ubermensch, deliberate she’d have. Nothing about Maude hints at something besides a standard French upper-middle-class background. Her method is exact however heat, the blue heels and matching trouser go well with indicate she’s worn good garments her entire life. It’s a outstanding consequence, on condition that Louis Didier was her father. He died when Maude was 22; her mom Jeannine remains to be alive.

We’re close to the Champ de Mars in an previous Parisian artwork gallery, a three-roomed bungalow that smells faintly of important oils. Its cabinets and cheerful little facet tables are filled with books on goals, animals and psychology, whereas the small multicoloured indicators she’s hung up on the lavatory partitions encourage you “not to lose hope”. Maude is a psychotherapist and this has been her apply for over 20 years. She specialises within the remedy of trauma, phobias and thoughts management. Given her previous, her selection of profession isn’t solely shocking, and but – contemplating the strangeness of the issues she’s skilled – it’s a marvel she’s on this facet of sanity.

It’s necessary to level out that Maude’s story shouldn’t be a distress memoir. “For me, it’s a jailbreak handbook,” she says. “One can endure very difficult things and still find a way out.” Readers have written to her, thanking her specifically for “escape tips”, equivalent to passive-disobedience. “Now I am a person with a real life, happily married with children. I want this book to be a book of hope.”

‘One can endure very difficult things and still find a way out’: Maude Julien is now a bestselling author in her native France.

‘One can endure very difficult things and still find a way out’: Maude Julien is now a bestselling writer in her native France. Photograph: Joanna van Mulder for the Observer

The Only Girl within the World, a bestseller in France, is a portrait of a three-person cult – Maude and her mother and father. “A cult,” says Maude, “doesn’t always mean a guru with a beard… There are ‘two-person cults’, couples in which one consumes the other, or ‘family cults’ where the ogre is the mother or father, grandfather or grandmother.”

Jeannine was 28 when she gave start to Maude, her solely youngster. Three years later Didier liquidated his property, purchased a home close to Cassel in northern France, and withdrew there along with his spouse and daughter to commit himself to finishing up his challenge. The telephone was locked in a field and its key stayed in Didier’s pocket. The Didiers have been thought-about wealthy. The home was massive and distant.

Maude’s earliest reminiscences recall a family that had change into the bodily embodiment of her father’s psychopathology. One the place Maude, age 5, underwent “alcohol and willpower training”, throughout which her father would feed her spirits and set her sophisticated duties whereas intoxicated. “My father’s thinking was that those who can handle their drink will prevail,” she says – a useful gizmo “for getting information out of someone. I could encourage them to drink until they would be drunk and in my power.” She additionally discovered the piano, violin, tenor saxophone, trumpet, accordion and double bass as a result of “only musicians survive concentration camps”, her father mentioned.

Emotions have been harmful weaknesses. If she confirmed any, her punishment was no eye contact together with her mother and father for six weeks. “My father had the three characteristics you see in all cult leaders: he was in love with his mother [his own father was a terrible man – a career criminal]; he lost his sister when he was 10, so he was in mourning; and he was obsessive. The only time he spoke about his past with any feeling was when he described how his father tricked him into eating his pet rabbit. I think this cut off all feeling in him for any other living thing.”

The sufferer on this story isn’t simply Maude, however the youngster who grew as much as be Maude’s mom – her function occupies the gray space between sufferer and perpetrator. Jeannine was a terrorised disciple of Didier. Her relationship together with her mom, says Maude, stays “complicated”. They final met 10 years in the past when Maude visited. Maude nonetheless freezes up when she sees her. “The last time I saw her, she looked at me with such hardness. It is really terrible for me.” Because she’s an optimist, Maude has devoted the guide to her mom. “I’m sure my father was a coward, like a lot of dictators. The link between the predator and the victim is in all cases the fear.”

Maude’s escape was gradual and undramatic. There have been small rebellions in her teenagers – utilizing 2 items of bathroom paper as a substitute of 1; breaking into her father’s workplace; a failed overdose. Then, late in her teenagers, Maude’s double-bass tutor flattered Didier into sending his daughter to check music away from residence, at what he satisfied Didier was a “harsh school”. Though Didier had already paired up his daughter for marriage (with a homosexual man in his late 50s – to make a “decent woman” of her), Maude’s tutor efficiently prompt an alternate match in a younger pupil referred to as Richard. Maude went on to marry 2 extra instances. She has a daughter, now 35, together with her 2nd husband, Mark, and one other 1, now 27, with the person she stays fortunately married to.

She final noticed her father in 1979, shortly earlier than his demise. They sat in silence, whereas her mom waited on him in an outhouse he’d had in-built later years the place he’d spend most of his days ingesting.

“Have you seen Forrest Gump?” she says instantly. “I was like that when I first left my father’s house. I was really stupid. I had to learn the alphabet because the dictionary was forbidden in our house. I had never spoken when eating. I had never learned to walk with other people. I had to tolerate being able to look at somebody.” Her husband Mark helped her to make amends for her teenagers, taking her to her first movie and shopping for her comics. “His mother was the first woman to touch me with love. I was 25. She put her hand on my shoulder and I felt all my body, as if it was alive. I started crying, crying, crying.”

There is little in Maude’s guide about her inside life since she left the household residence, however she is clearly a contented and fulfilled girl now. Without a maternal function mannequin: “I would go to public gardens and watch mothers with their young children, and I’d try to draw inspiration from those who had a good rapport with their children. I’d stay away from the ones whose children were too obedient.” Maude’s love of her kids would have disenchanted her father, as a result of having a toddler was the catalyst for breaking along with his affect. “I didn’t want to risk making my child suffer the consequences of my own traumas, with the ensuing phobias.” Motherhood was the distinction between going into remedy when she had her first daughter in her 20s and probably by no means going.

Two teams of individuals write to her usually: mental-health professionals, who, like her, really feel troubled previous shouldn’t be considered as a handicap to folks working of their occupation. “Getting out of my own traumatic past allowed me to help others,” she says. Psychoanalysis “helped me a lot: first to get rid of the feeling of guilt. I was able to understand then that they [my parents] were the problem, not me.”

The 2nd group are these trying to discover a means out of ongoing psychological battles with their very own childhood ghosts. “I think that my main advice is to keep hope, and that life always finds a path – we have far more psychological resources than we realise – and not to believe those who condemn you with a verdict such as: ‘After what you’ve suffered, you’re never going to make it.’ It’s wrong. You might not get there by a direct path, but it’s possible to find a real balance.”

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