Popular IVF Myths: Separating Fact From Fiction

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Some males put on scrubs once they accompany their wives to an embryo switch. Mine? Oh, he wears a clown outfit. Well, not precisely, however I’ll always remember the time my husband busted out nerdy glasses and a clown wig simply minutes after my very first embryo switch. We’d seen a study within the journal Fertility and Sterility that laughter in that second might enhance 1’s possibilities of being pregnant, and he thought he’d shock me with a comedic curveball.

Though that IVF cycle didn’t work, I used to be touched that he put within the effort — and consider me, we might have tried something in hopes of reaching that elusive BFP (that is “big fat positive”). I just about did, from ingesting numerous bone broth to getting vitamin D injections to consuming Brazil nuts on the day by day.

And I’m not alone: secret Facebook teams and on-line communities are full of girls giving one another ideas and methods for growing their odds of succeeding at IVF. Some are rooted in medical reality, whereas others are mainly outdated wives’ tales — however a choose few have develop into virtually rites of passage throughout IVF, extensively recognized and mentioned in infertility circles.

So, which of those generally held “myths” are simply that and which are literally value giving a attempt? I spoke with CARE Fertility’s Dr. Rudy Quintero to seek out out.

IVF delusion No. 1: Eating pineapple core for 5 days after embryo switch can up 1’s possibilities of conception

Pineapple is already extensively believed to induce labor, however can it induce being pregnant itself? According to Quintero, the five-day pineapple core routine is “one of the most popular myths” he hears from his IVF sufferers. While Quintero acknowledges there’s a “lot of anecdotal evidence” in regards to the wonders of pineapple, he says there isn’t plenty of scientific knowledge to again it up.

So why all the excitement about pineapple? The fruit accommodates bromelain, an enzyme with anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant and blood-thinning properties. (Much of the bromelain is concentrated within the core, therefore why individuals lower the core into fifths and eat that half.) Some fertility medical doctors prescribe low-dose child aspirin — additionally a blood thinner — to assist enhance blood circulation to the uterus, so the thought is that pineapples might mimic that impact.

“If you’re spending tens of thousands for IVF and want to try something that has at least some data [supporting] it, it’s probably better to do baby aspirin,” says Quintero. “Eating pineapple core is fine, but it won’t be make-or-break.”

IVF delusion No. 2: It’s a should to put on heat socks all through the two-week wait

A extensively held precept in Chinese medication is “cold” uterus — or 1 with poor blood circulation and circulation — could be a reason behind infertility. While many endure acupuncture and ingest herbs to treatment this challenge, some girls additionally take the precaution of carrying heat socks all through an IVF cycle in order to not let warmth escape the physique.

So do heat toes equal a heat uterus? Not actually, says Quintero. “Your core temperature stays pretty much stable, and that’s where your embryo is [inside the body]. Even if you feel cold, your core is probably still a normal temperature.” That stated, carrying socks actually can’t harm — particularly in the event that they’re a cute pair of IVF good luck socks.

IVF delusion No. 3: Drinking pomegranate juice can pump up your uterine lining

Achieving that coveted 8-millimeter-plus lining is the holy grail of IVF, however can pomegranate juice assist you get from level A to level B(aby)? Many girls swear by ingesting it for the primary 13 days of their cycle, however in accordance with Quintero, the medical group “knows very little about uterine lining and what makes it really thick outside of the normal estrogen a person develops. In talking with my colleagues, very few of us have recommended pomegranate juice [for priming your body for pregnancy].”

IVF delusion No. 4: Eating Brazil nuts throughout the two-week wait can result in a wholesome being pregnant

Brazil nuts aren’t simply tasty snacks — they’re filled with selenium too. One study printed within the journal Metallomics discovered that selenium helps promote wholesome egg follicles in feminine cows, and that very same examine additionally discovered that ranges of GPX-1 (a protein present in selenium) had been a lot larger in girls who acquired pregnant after a single embryo switch.

So it’s not arduous to see why Brazil nuts have gotten a rep amongst IVF circles as a go-to meals, however Quintero does recommend consuming them “in moderation.” Too a lot selenium will be poisonous, so it’s smart to remain inside a wholesome vary. The beneficial day by day allowance for ladies ages 19 to 50 is 55 micrograms, with the very best most quantity being 400 micrograms day by day. Translation? One or 2 Brazil nuts — which usually include 68 to 90 micrograms apiece — a day ought to greater than do the trick.

IVF delusion No. 5: Eating McDonald’s fries after an embryo switch will increase your possibilities of a BFP

Could quick meals equal a quick repair for infertility? If solely it had been that straightforward — Quintero says there’s 0 foundation for this extensively held IVF superstition.

The delusion could have roots in the truth that some medical doctors advocate consuming salty meals to keep away from ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome after an egg retrieval, however it’s in some way morphed into a well-liked ritual after embryo switch. So do you have to trouble? “It’s just an old wives’ tale, but this can be a highly stressful procedure, so go ahead and eat comfort food if it makes you feel better,” says Quintero.

On a bigger-picture stage, Quintero suggests that ladies going by way of IVF apply that logic to all the above myths. “I’m not one to discourage patients from trying something if there is no harm to it and it’s not extremely expensive. Whatever can make the journey feel a little bit less stressful and more manageable, I’m all for that.”

So go forward — fill up on Brazil nuts and pineapple, snuggle up in these socks, drink pomegranate juice and, sure, say, “I’m loving it,” to these greasy fries.

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