This Woman Urges Others To Be Brave And Ignore The Haters


“For as long as I can remember, I was very anti-running. Picture Fat Amy horizontally running in the movie ‘Pitch Perfect,'” Hay instructed Runner’s World by way of e-mail. “But something started ticking over in my mind. This is something I can do anywhere, and I’m only really competing against myself.”

She had signed up for Parkrun months earlier than, but it surely took her till January to work up the braveness to really go. 

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“When I mentioned on Instagram that I wanted to try it, I was embraced by runners from all over the world, and I was met with such encouragement,” she stated. “From that moment on, I knew within myself that I could do this.”

It was then that Hay determined she would set her sights on finishing a marathon someday. 

“I wanted to set a goal that wasn’t necessarily weight-loss orientated—obviously losing weight is a bonus—but rather something I could put out there, start working away at, and make progress with,” Hay stated.

Although she spent most Saturday mornings all through December 2016 turning off the alarm that signaled it was time to stand up and run, the primary Saturday in January was completely different. 

“It was time to make good on some New Year’s resolutions,” Hay stated. “I was teary because I needed my husband’s help to put my shoes on, I was teary on the drive there, and I was an emotional wreck by the time I arrived. I almost drove back home, but I sensed that whatever decision I made would enviably set the tone for the rest of my year. Finally, I made the right decision.”

When runners handed her lower than half of a mile into the primary of 3 laps, she thought-about giving up. But when 2 of them circled again to affix her throughout her 2nd lap in help, their phrases of encouragement helped her to stay it out the remainder of the way in which. 

“I was in horrendous pain, but I was so unbelievably proud of myself,” she stated. “I knew continuing to do Parkrun would help me mentally and physically.”

The subsequent week, Hay beat her time by 5 minutes and was additional alongside within the course earlier than individuals started to go her. 

Hay has participated in 16 Parkruns up to now, and whereas she began out as a walker, she has since labored as much as with the ability to run a part of the way in which. 

“Now that I run and walk, I’ve had to get my head around the fact that my running stride is actually smaller than my walking stride,” she stated. “So right now, it’s not about beating the clock, but increasing my running as much as possible. Hopefully some day soon I will be able to run the entire 5K without walking breaks.”

This #FlashbackFriday is so bright that it blinded me for a moment in the left pic! In all seriousness as many of us know, you never really realise how ‘large’ you were/are until you compare pics. The struggle is real but the denial is crippling!! It’s just like ordering the same coffee everyday, driving the same way to work or wearing your hair the same way. You just get used to it. Sadly being overweight is the same. There is a point you just get used it. By no means is anyone comfortable with it but you get used to the same baggy clothes that you’ve been wearing for years, you get used to cursing from pain as you get up, you get used to avoiding having your picture taken, you get used to saying the diet starts Monday and you get used to feeling like your failing. BUT today I chose these two Parkrun pics to put side by side because in both of them I’ve made the decision to try get fitter, there’s no avoiding the cameras and there’s no more settling. I don’t want to get used to a painful, sad, unhealthy and overweight life. I want more and more photos of myself – especially like the pic on the right where I’m running across the finish line at Parkrun. Trust me, the rut can be broken. It won’t be overnight but everyday you make a better choice or do something you’re not used to, it will help chip away at that version of yourself that you want to be. That you deserve to be! That you will be. •••••••••••••••••••••• #thelongweighdownwithjess #marathondreams #dontquit #hurtingsucks #athlete #igotthis #fit #fitness #running #fitspo #fitfam #fitnesslifestyle #instahealth #weightloss #keepitreal #bigfitgirlmovement #fattofit #ithinkican #notgivingup #riseandgrind #naturalweightloss #tougher #wlstories #stronger #slay #runner #marathon #goals

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Between attending Parkrun, one other native working membership, and working on her personal time, Hay logs wherever from 10-20 miles per week. In March, she accomplished a problem to run 30 miles in 10 days, and she or he is presently coaching for Run Melbourne’s 10Ok on the finish of July. 

And though she hasn’t stepped on a scale since she started her journey—and has no plans to take action anytime quickly—she is aware of she’s misplaced weight and inches off her waist. But that is not the one progress she’s making. 

At her very first Parkrun, Hay averaged about 25 minutes per mile. Now, she’s right down to 16 minutes per mile. 

“My husband urges me to keep going when I’m coming up with all the excuses to give up, and my daughter loves it when I arrive home from runs,” Hay stated. “She’ll say, ‘How was your run, Mummy?’ and I just love hearing her ask that question.”

Recently, the CEO of Run Down Under, a digital problem to run the 14,080Ok (or 8,749 miles) it will take to traverse the whole thing of the continent, reached out to Hay with a free membership for the yr and was chosen to be an envoy to this system.  

“When I’m so kindly gifted opportunities like this I sincerely feel it adds years to my life,” she stated. “I am recognized as someone who is worth being given an opportunity to reach for their goals. The running community has my back and I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of it.”

Hay is working steadfast to attain her objectives, and is planning on doing a half of marathon someday subsequent yr, placing her even nearer ending a marathon. 

“I may say that I need to be half of my physique weight, that I would like really feel comfy at a restaurant once more, that I need to go on a curler coaster with my children. These are very worthy milestones and I am going to positively rejoice them. However with the ability to inform somebody that I’ve ran a marathon or show a well-earned finisher medal would imply the world to me. 

“The journey goes to be lengthy, however I do know I’ll get there. I am proud that my kids will get to witness Mummy reaching a objective she labored so exhausting for.”

Hay’s recommendation for individuals who are in the identical place she was merely 5 months in the past? Ignore the haters.

“You’re being watched silently by many others, and so they admire your bravery. They admire that you just’re doing one thing to raised your well being. Your dedication to not surrender has triggered their thought course of to assume, ‘if they will do it, I can do it.'”

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