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Considering your selection of contraception to match your targets and way of life is necessary, and there could also be choices on the market that you just don’t even find out about. Nothing is ideal, however there could also be one thing that matches your circumstances and it’s necessary to be properly knowledgeable.

The capsule

The pill continues to be the commonest used kind of contraception in Australia. The mixed capsule comprises 2 hormones – an oestrogen and a progestogen. It primarily works by stopping ovulation (launch of an egg).

Pro: You can cease and begin it your self and they’re simply accessible from the pharmacy with a prescription; it may be useful for heavy or painful durations in addition to for pimples.

Cons: The capsule must be taken every single day which could be a disadvantage as generally girls can run out of capsules or they will neglect to take them; it will probably trigger a range of adverse side-effects (this can be a case-by-case foundation, although) and might’t be utilized by some girls who’re unable to make use of oestrogen due to medical issues.

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The progestogen-only capsule

The progestogen-only capsule (generally referred to as the mini-pill) doesn’t include oestrogen. It primarily works by thickening the mucus on the cervix to cease the sperm going into the uterus.

Pro: It has a low dose of progestogen hormone and can be utilized by girls who can not use oestrogen reminiscent of breastfeeding girls or girls with a historical past of blood clots.

Cons: It solely has a 3-hour window to be taken every day which suggests it may be much less efficient than different strategies.

The Vaginal Ring

The vaginal ring is a versatile ring containing an oestrogen and a progestogen which sits within the vagina and is inserted by the girl. It primarily works by stopping ovulation (launch of an egg).

Pro: Women don’t have to recollect to take a capsule every single day which may swimsuit some girls.

Con: The ring is just not on the PBS and will be costlier than some forms of capsules; just like the mixed hormonal capsule it will probably’t be utilized by girls who can not use oestrogen.

LARC Methods (contraceptive implants and intrauterine gadgets)

We have comparatively low use of those lengthy performing reversible strategies in Australia in comparison with many different nations. Currently, round 12 per cent of girls are utilizing a LARC whereas 33 per cent use a capsule. They are very efficient as a result of girls don’t have to recollect ‘do something frequently’ and they’re additionally very price efficient in the long term.

The Rod (also called the implant)

The rod is a small, versatile plastic machine implanted just below the pores and skin on the within of the internal higher arm by a skilled physician or nurse. It primarily works by stopping ovulation (launch of an egg).

Pro: It’s a extremely efficient long-term (as much as 3 years) contraception which is instantly reversible when it’s eliminated.

Con: It can have negative effects together with unpredictable bleeding, however you may discuss to your physician about the best way to management this.


There are 2 forms of IUD’s: the hormonal IUD and the copper IUD. They work by stopping the stopping the sperm from assembly the egg and by stopping implantation; the hormonal IUD additionally thickens the mucus on the cervix.

The hormonal IUD and copper IUD are small plastic gadgets. It is positioned contained in the uterus by a skilled physician or nurse. The copper IUD comprises no hormones.

Pro: The hormone-releasing IUD can keep in place for as much as 5 years, the non-hormonal is 10. They can be utilized by most girls and are extremely efficient at offering contraception. The hormonal IUD reduces heavy durations.

Con: Insertion requires a small process which will be related to a small threat of issues and my trigger some discomfort, there’s a small probability of hormonal side-effects with the hormonal IUD and the copper IUD may cause heavier durations.

The Injection

The contraceptive injection is given each 3 months by your GP to stop being pregnant by stopping ovulation.

Pro: It can be utilized by girls who can not use a way containing oestrogen; it reduces heavy durations.

Cons: The injection can’t be reversed instantly so girls who’ve side-effects want to attend for the injection to put on off. It can take as much as a yr for a girl to return to her earlier stage of fertility, and it has been related to weight achieve.

Barrier Methods


This consists of female and male condoms.

Pros: Condoms additionally forestall STIs in addition to being pregnant; male condoms are simply accessible and feminine condoms can be found from household planning clinics and on-line.

Cons: They are usually not as efficient as a number of the different strategies of contraception and that’s as a result of condoms might not all the time be used, could also be used incorrectly or they could slip off or break. For girls liable to STIs we advocate utilizing a condom concurrently one other efficient technique of contraception reminiscent of a capsule, vaginal ring, implant or IUD.

The diaphragm

A single dimension diaphragm will be bought from household planning clinics, on-line or from some pharmacies. It is positioned inside to vagina by the girl earlier than intercourse to cowl the cervix and have to be left in for six hours after intercourse.

Pro/Con: Can last as long as 2 years and ladies are capable of management it themselves, and it’s much less efficient than most different strategies.

Permanent Methods

Sterilisation is everlasting contraception which is designed to be irreversible. Women can have an operation beneath normal anaesthetic to dam their tubes to cease the passage of eggs. Alternatively, males can have a vasectomy.

Emergency contraceptive capsules

There are 2 forms of emergency contraceptive capsules accessible over-the-counter at pharmacies with no prescription. They can be utilized as much as 3 or 5 days after unprotected intercourse relying on the sort (now not referred to as the ‘morning after pill!’).

Emergency contraceptive capsules are very secure and most girls don’t have any side-effects in any respect; and whereas they can be utilized greater than as soon as in a cycle this may be costly so it’s higher to change to an ongoing extra dependable technique.

Fertility Awareness Methods

Fertility awareness methods require day by day dedication to charting fertility indicators and the cooperation of a associate who can be dedicated to the strategy; these strategies are usually not appropriate for ladies with irregular menstrual cycles.

Pro: These strategies don’t have any side-effects and so they may also help girls achieve an understanding of the feminine reproductive cycle.

Con: There is an absence of top quality proof round their effectiveness.

Dr Bateson is the Medical Director at Family Planning NSW and has labored as a clinician, researcher and educator within the area of reproductive and sexual well being for over 17 years.

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