What’s Up With The Stigma Around Taking Birth Control for Heavy Periods?


I began taking contraception once I was 12 years previous, mere months after I acquired my first interval. I used to be 11 once I acquired my first interval, and the cycle instantly after that was extremely irregular. My mother and I had been informed by many docs that irregularity in menstruation is widespread within the first years of getting your interval. We accepted this for a while till the cramps and the bleeding had been utterly uncontrolled and we ended up touching base with my physician once more. This time I used to be identified with Von Willebrand’s illness (a milder bleeding dysfunction).

The analysis was potential primarily based on the quantity of blood loss that occurred throughout my durations. Regularly, it was regular for me to overlook at the very least per week of faculty each month, as my bleeding was so heavy that I couldn’t stand with out bleeding by my pants and 2 maxi-pads. Plus my durations, in addition to my inconsolable cramps, would final for practically half of of the month.

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With the brand new analysis got here directions to each observe my durations and to ask a gynecologist concerning the tablet. So I waddled to my first-ever gynecologist appointment mid-period, my mom in tow, feeling faint from all of the blood loss. After assessing me, the gyno prescribed me an oral contraception, Kariva. I daydreamed a few life with common durations that didn’t cease me from going to highschool as she wrote the prescription.

Before I left her workplace, she requested my mother to go away the room (already a purple flag) and began a chat with me about “responsibility.” “You know these pills don’t give you a license to have sex, right?” she requested me. I felt a mixture of confusion, discomfort and defensiveness. I nodded, saying, “That’s the last thing on my mind.” As a 12-year-old who by no means considered being in a relationship, it was true. But that wasn’t fairly the purpose.

As the months glided by, I lastly noticed my interval and bleeding develop into much less painful and extreme. So I stayed on contraception for years, till I used to be 18 once I might be certain that my interval had develop into common by itself. Every yr I used to be on it, I needed to be reassessed by a gynecologist to maintain taking the tablet, and every time, I acquired the identical uncomfortable intercourse discuss. I wouldn’t develop into sexually energetic till age 19, so I’d all the time reply these warnings with, “This doesn’t apply to me. I don’t have sex.” This would all the time be met with a relieved smile and one thing alongside the traces of, “Oh good. You’re much too young for that anyway. You don’t have to rush into anything.” When I heard this speech at 18, I dismissed it angrily due to the intercourse that I wanted I had been having.

No matter what number of instances I modified gynos, I’d have the identical expertise. I needed to clarify to every physician that I used to be solely on the tablet due to my irregular interval after which felt responsible after their slut-shaming reward rained down upon me. What if I had been having intercourse? What if it’s none of their enterprise? What if I had been actually utilizing contraception for what it was meant for use within the first place: as contraception for intercourse?

Telling a 12-year-old that contraception capsules usually are not a “license to have sex” is the logical equal of colleges withholding intercourse training and condoms with the concept intercourse merely gained’t occur with out them.

Immediately linking hormonal contraception to an energetic intercourse life is already an boastful assumption since 1000’s of girls take the tablet to control their interval before everything. Because of the primary time I used to be warned away from intercourse as a result of I used to be on the tablet, I additionally really feel that sexualizing using contraception for a 12-year-old must be prohibited.

Ultimately, all that stigmatizing of the tablet gynos did in classes with me affected my final notion of my sexuality. It made me really feel like the truth that I used to be taking contraception was a grimy, nearly burdensome factor; and the truth that I all the time felt the necessity to defend that I used to be solely taking it for medical causes speaks to how I used to be internalizing all this slut-shaming and concern surrounding my very own sexuality.

When I wanted contraception to cease my bleeding, cramps and anemia, there was a lot hesitation on the aspect of my physician as a result of I used to be so younger. In their eyes, the capsules had been going to show my awkward and pain-filled 12-year-old physique right into a intercourse machine. But because it’s been acknowledged for years that the hormones in these capsules assist deal with quite a lot of situations in ladies, contraception capsules usually are not only for intercourse.

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I didn’t find yourself needing to make use of contraception capsules after I turned 18 for well being or sexual causes. But if I did want it, I hate the considered how anxious and ashamed I’d be when attempting to get a prescription for them. After all my years of getting heavy durations in childhood and being shamed by medical professionals for taking the very drug they had been prescribing me, I used to be taught to be embarrassed of my sexual exercise and sexual physique. And in the long run, all that does is discourage individuals from having safer intercourse (it doesn’t matter what the age), as the identical classes that I discovered from my gynos create disgrace across the very factor that may preserve everybody most secure and most wholesome.

By Sebastian Zulch

A model of this text was initially printed in July 2017. It was syndicated from HelloFlo.

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