Yes, Your Pubic Hair Can Affect Your Health


Thanks to the porn trade, razor blade commercials and nearly each lingerie commercial we’ve ever seen, we’re typically left confused about what to do in regards to the hair down there. What is regular? What is bizarre? Do we wax, shave, each or neither!? We talked to an OB-GYN and a waxing skilled to get the actual scoop about pubic hair.

First of all, why will we even have it?

Surprise! Pubic hair truly has a medical objective past giving girls yet one more side of their look to fret about. There is debate amongst scientists over whether or not or not pubic hair was biologically designed assist appeal to potential mates (you recognize, again within the days earlier than Instagram filters and Tinder profiles). However, in line with gynecologist Dr. Jessica Shepherd, pubic hair’s recognized perform is to be a protecting barrier for our physique.

“Pubic hair helps to fend off bacteria and unwanted pathogens from entering the vaginal area, which helps to keep us from getting yeast infections and UTIs,” Shepherd instructed SheKnows. “In other words, pubic hair is supposed to be there.”

So, there’s a case for protecting the bush

Given these built-in protecting advantages, embracing your womanly nature is likely to be worthwhile. However, do take be aware: “Bacteria grows in moisture, and sometimes hair can contribute to having more of a moist area,” Shepherd stated. “Some women work out a lot or like to go swimming, and this trapped sweat and moisture may increase the chances of getting a yeast infection.”

Basically, in case you’re planning to go the zero-maintenance route, pay further consideration to protecting clear after bodily exercise.

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Shaving vs. waxing: The showdown

Still wanna groom? That’s high-quality too — simply be sure you’re getting it completed correctly.

Shaving might seem to be the simpler, extra personal possibility for girls who aren’t comfy baring it in a waxing setting. Though it provides you full aesthetic management, it will probably get a bit dangerous.

“Shaving requires lots of maintenance,” Shepherd stated. “During maintenance, you could increase your chances of having infections or being exposed to sexually transmitted infections if you’re not careful.”

STIs usually unfold by way of skin-to-skin contact, so any small cuts you get from shaving finally depart you weak to an infection. Using a uninteresting razor can result in these cuts and likewise to ingrown hairs, leaving you itchy and lined in these rattling bikini-line pimples.

When it involves shaving versus waxing, Chicago-based cosmetologist and waxing expert Jessica Rivera has a number of ideas.

“Waxing is more long-term, and it avoids razor bumps,” Rivera instructed SheKnows, including that purchasers solely have to get waxed each 4 weeks.

After deciding whether or not or not you’ll be able to face up to the ache of getting a 4-inch strip of sizzling wax torn out of your vulva, the actual secret is to be sure you discover a clear salon with extremely educated professionals.

“A wax professional should be sure to have a client fill out a pre-wax form asking questions about medications and health conditions,” Rivera stated, as sure skincare prescriptions like Accutane could make your pores and skin floor dangerously vulnerable to burns.

“They must also make sure that all utensils are new and disposable — double dipping is an absolute no,” she added.

Like shaving, waxing additionally causes microscopic tears of the pores and skin, growing your probabilities of contracting an an infection or STI. It is because of this that each of our specialists counsel ready 24 to 48 hours earlier than having intercourse after hair elimination, which — relying on the scenario at hand, if you recognize what we imply — could also be a motive to forego each strategies totally.

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Hair care will not be one-size-fits all

When it involves caring for pubes, it’s important to take heed to your physique.

“Waxing experiences are different for each woman depending on the texture and growth patterns of their own pubic hair,” Rivera stated. “If you are prone to vaginal or yeast infections, I would consult with your doctor before getting a Brazilian wax.” 

It may be time to discover different hair-removal choices in case you discover itching or irritation round hair follicles in your pubic space after shaving. In this case, Shepherd typically advocates for trimming.

“If someone has consistent ingrown hairs, instead of shaving I recommend using scissors to trim pubic hair to a length so it’s not completely all the way off,” she stated.

Other choices embody laser hair elimination or depilatory lotions formulated particularly on your bikini line.

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The latest grooming pattern? Self confidence

The fact is, there is no such thing as a single “best” or “worst” pubic hair aesthetic; it’s totally a matter of your style and evaluation of the advantages and dangers of every. Whatever selection you make, make it for your self. Being comfy with your self and your physique is most necessary.

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