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At least as soon as every week, a shopper tells me how confused they’re about vitamin—and I get it. With a lot data and conflicting recommendation floating round, it’s simple to really feel combined up. But busting myths, and explaining the science behind wholesome consuming is one in every of my favourite elements of my job. Here are 5 of the commonest misconceptions I hear, and why you’ll be able to allow them to go for good.

MYTH: When you eat junk meals, you’ll be able to simply burn it off.

It’s not that easy. The high quality of what you eat issues—rather a lot. And the injury from unhealthy meals merely cannot be undone with a tricky exercise. A 2015 research, for instance, discovered that synthetic components from processed meals might increase an individual’s risk of developing autoimmune diseases.

Trying to compensate for poor food regimen decisions with train is definitely a double whammy: Physical exercise places stress on the physique, and with out enough vitamin to recuperate from the damage and tear, you’ll be able to develop into weaker quite than stronger. A balanced, complete meals food regimen is essential for everybody. And when you’re repeatedly energetic, it’s much more essential, not much less.

MYTH: It’s OK to eat as a lot protein as you need.

Most of my purchasers are involved about overdoing it on carbs. But the reality is you’ll be able to eat an excessive amount of of any macronutrient, together with protein. The protein you eat maintains, heals, and repairs tissues within the physique comprised of this constructing block. But you solely want a lot protein to perform these duties. When you exceed the quantity, the excess protein can both forestall weight reduction, or trigger weight acquire.

To strike a superb stability, embrace some protein in every meal, however don’t go loopy. rule of thumb: If you’re energetic, to purpose for half of a gram of protein per pound of your ideally suited weight. So in case your purpose is 130 kilos you want not more than 65 grams per day.

You can obtain this quantity with 2 eggs at breakfast (12 grams), 1 cup of lentils at lunch (16 grams), 1 / 4 cup of almonds as a snack (6 grams), and 6 ounces of salmon at dinner (33 grams). Timing additionally issues. To assist your physique benefit from the protein you eat, it needs to be unfold out all through the day.

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MYTH: Eating after your train cancels out your exercise.

Nope, the energy you eat post-exercise aren’t instantly shuttled again into your fats cells. In truth, it is essential to eat after a sweat session.

Working out takes a toll in your physique, and afterward your physique is primed for restoration: Eating a clear, nutrient-rich meal or snack offers your cells with the uncooked supplies wanted to heal and restore. This restoration course of is vital, as a result of it’s not simply the coaching itself, however the therapeutic from the coaching that builds and maintains muscle mass, boosts metabolism, and improves your health stage.

For the very best outcomes, select post-exercise foods that ship nutritional vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, lean protein, and wholesome fats, like a salad topped with salmon or beans and avocado; or a protein smoothie with veggies, fruit, and almond butter.

MYTH: Fruit is as unhealthy as sweet.

Some of my purchasers keep away from fruit, fearing that pure sugar results in added kilos. But a latest Harvard research discovered that shunning fruit altogether isn’t obligatory for weight administration. The researchers checked out greater than 130,000 adults, and located that those that ate an additional day by day serving of fruit shed an extra half of a pound over a four-year interval. While that won’t sound vital, it might assist offset typical age-related weight acquire.

Fruit can be filled with essential vitamins, water, and fiber. And its naturally occurring sugar is much less concentrated than different candy meals. For instance, 1 cup of complete strawberries naturally incorporates about 7 grams of sugar, in comparison with about 13 grams in a single tablespoon of maple syrup, 17 in a tablespoon of honey, 21 grams in 17 gummy bears, or 30 in a 12 ounce can of cola.

Some analysis even reveals that in comparison with veggies, fruit might have a extra highly effective impact on lowering weight. This could also be as a result of fruits have a tendency to exchange higher-calorie goodies and treats, whereas veggies are usually add-ons. Bottom line: with so many advantages, fruit is certainly value together with in your day by day food regimen, so long as you don’t overdo it. Aim for no less than 2 servings a day, perhaps 1 with breakfast, and one other as a snack or dessert. Reach for extra when you’re particularly energetic.

MYTH: Eating fats makes you fats.

Despite the very best makes an attempt of vitamin specialists (together with me) to dispel the notion that consuming fats makes you fats, fats phobia nonetheless exists. Clients proceed to inform me they keep away from avocado, or select low-fat salad dressing as a result of they’re watching their waistlines.

Eating the right fats, nevertheless, is definitely a wise technique for weight reduction. Healthy fat are extremely satiating. They preserve you fuller longer, and analysis reveals that plant-based fat like olive oil, avocado, and nuts improve appetite-suppressing hormones.

Plant fat have additionally been proven to cut back irritation and increase metabolism, and they are often wealthy sources of antioxidants. Aim to incorporate a portion of wholesome fats in each meal and snack.

Need some concepts? You might add avocado to an omelet, or whip it right into a smoothie. Add nuts or nut butter to oatmeal. Drizzle backyard salads and greens with further virgin olive oil. Snack on veggies with guacamole or tahini as a dip. And take pleasure in a little bit of dark chocolate as a day by day deal with.

Cynthia Sass is Health’s contributing vitamin editor, a New York Times best-selling writer, and a guide for the New York Yankees.

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