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Welcome to the ‘List at a glance’

What now we have accomplished with this checklist is make it as straightforward as attainable so that you can eat at residence, on the go and even to seize one thing recent from the grocery store or lunchtime spot.

The easiest way to take a look at it’s that now we have eliminated sugar, alcohol and starchy carbs from the menu – only for the primary couple of weeks, to kick begin your physique into burning fats as its predominant gas supply.

Don’t fear! You gained’t really feel too drained or torpid – this isn’t Ketogenic – you can be shocked at simply how a lot power there’s in some respectable greens and the correct of carbs.

As we transfer alongside your 8 week program we’re going to add these scrumptious carbs again in, only a bit at a time, in order that our portion management and urge for food for them adjustments and now we have extra of an understanding of how a lot and when to gas our our bodies.

The smartest thing about this plan? When you might be hungry … eat … you must by no means be ravenous and you must by no means be full. Always simply happy or trying ahead to your subsequent meal. We’ve blown our portion sizes up a lot through the years that we overlook that our stomachs are solely the scale of our fist. Most of the time smaller. So, if you eat these massive parts, you place that poor organ below loads of stress. Each portion of what you might be consuming must be palm or fist dimension. Eat slowly and bear in mind it takes 15-20 minutes to your physique to digest meals. The sooner you eat, the extra you possibly can eat. Slow down and eat till you might be happy. This plan is about constructing new habits and re-training your mind-set about your meals.

Drink loads of water, at the very least 2 litres a day, and be sure you attempt the greens listed … even when you suppose you don’t like them. Your style buds change over time, they develop and mature, and what it’s possible you’ll not have appreciated as a child or a teen, properly – these meals may be one thing you sit up for now. And if it isn’t – at the very least you gave it a attempt. (I even ate eggplant the opposite day and appreciated it!)

Compulsory greens

For girls: 150g (5oz) every single day

For males: 200 g (7 0z) every single day

  • Baby English spinach
  • Celery (limitless)
  • Cucumber (limitless)
  • Lettuce (every type)
  • Watercress


For girls: 150g (5oz) every single day

For males: 200 g (7 0z) every single day

  • Asparagus
  • Avocado (just one/4 per day)
  • Bean sprouts
  • Bok choy (pak choy)
  • Capsicum (pepper)
  • Chinese cabbage (wong bok)
  • Eggplant (aubergine)
  • English spinach (recent or frozen)
  • Fennel
  • Mushrooms
  • Okra
  • Onion
  • Radish
  • Spring onion (scallion)
  • Tomato (not more than 1/2 medium tomato or 6 cherry tomatoes per day)
  • Zucchini (courgette)

In week 3, improve the day by day serving dimension and begin to add in:

  • Broccoli
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Cabbage
  • Carrot
  • Cauliflower
  • Leek
  • Pumpkin (winter squash)
  • Runner beans
  • Squash
  • String beans

In week 7 begin to add in:

  • Sweet potato (as an alternative choice to 1 portion of grains)

Meats and seafood

A serve is a palm-sized portion of protein per meal. You can have 3 serves per day.

  • Beef: lean cuts, veal or minced* (floor)
  • Chicken: lean meat or minced* (floor) solely – no pores and skin, no wings, no stuffing, not fried, no sauce (Nando’s or Oporto rooster with no sauce is ok).
  • Fish: recent, frozen or tinned (if tinned, in springwater or brine solely)
  • Kangaroo and kangaroo sausages
  • Lamb: very lean cuts
  • Pork: very lean cuts, together with low-fat ham, trimmed bacon and shoulder bacon
  • Seafood: any recent, frozen or tinned (in springwater or brine solely), together with shellfish and crustaceans
  • Smoked salmon
  • Turkey: lean meat or minced* (floor) solely – no pores and skin or wings

*Minced (floor) meats have to be below 8 per cent fats.

Dairy and eggs

  • Cheeses: solely fat-free or very low-fat cheese merchandise (not more than 30 g/1 ozper day)
  • Egg whites (limitless)
  • Egg yolks (not more than 2 per day)
  • Milk: skim or fat-free/non-fat (as much as 300 ml/10 fl ozper day)
  • Non-dairy milks: unsweetened low-fat or skim soy milk or unsweetened almond milk (as much as 300 ml/10 fl ozper day)
  • Sour cream: solely fat-free or very low fats (not more than 30 g/1 ozper day)
  • Yoghurt: 1 serve per day of low-fat, low-carb, low-sugar plain or vanilla yoghurt (below 6 g sugar per serve)

Breads, noodles and grains

You can have 1 serve per day

  • 2 slices of Protein bread from The Protein Bread Co. (theproteinbreadco.com.au)
  • 1 pizza base from The Protein Bread Co. (go straightforward on the cheese)
  • Konjac, shirataki or Slendier noodles (discovered within the well being meals aisle of the grocery store and Asian grocery shops)
  • Konjac rice

On weekends beginning in week 4, add:

1 portion of grains (or corn) from the checklist beneath on whichever day you aren’t consuming fruit.

For girls: ½ cup cooked grains or corn

For males: 2/3 cup cooked grains or corn (1 cup if you’re over 183cm/6ft tall)

  • Brown rice
  • Buckwheat
  • Couscous (any variety)
  • Gluten-free pasta
  • Lentils
  • Oats
  • Quinoa
  • Wild rice
  • Corn (recent)

In week 7 you can begin including:

1 portion of grains 3 occasions every week (with a day in between)


On the weekend of week 4, add fruit

Choose sooner or later (the day that’s going to be grain free) and have 1 serve of fruit that day.

  • Apples (1 medium)
  • Apricots (2 small)
  • Bananas (1 medium)
  • Blackberries (1/2 cup)
  • Blueberries (1/2 cup)
  • Cherries (1 cup)
  • Cranberries (1/2 cup)
  • Grapes (1 cup)
  • Honeydew melon (1 slice)
  • Mandarins (1 small)
  • Mango (1 cup)
  • Nectarines (1 small)
  • Peaches (1 small)
  • Raspberries (1/2 cup)
  • Strawberries (1/2 cup)
  • Watermelon (1 slice)

Then, beginning in week 5 you possibly can have 1 serve of fruit each different day.

Herbs, spices and different key elements

  • Black pepper (freshly floor)
  • Canola oil spray (use sparingly, and never in all recipes)
  • Chia seeds
  • Chilli: recent crimson/inexperienced chilli, chilli flakes, ancho chilli, smoked chipotle chilli
  • Chlorophyll (finest in liquid type and essential for a wholesome intestine)
  • Curry paste and powder
  • Dried spices (necessities are paprika, roast vegetable seasoning and Asian spice blends)
  • French shallots
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Herbs: as many as you want, recent or dried
  • Lemon
  • Lemongrass
  • Lime
  • Linseed (flaxseed) oil
  • Mustard
  • Nori sheets
  • Protein powder
  • Salt-reduced soy sauce
  • Sea salt
  • Stock: low-sodium liquid inventory and inventory (bouillon) cubes
  • Sugar-free chewing gum
  • Sugar-free non-fat cocoa powder
  • Sugar-free sweeteners: e.g. stevia, Splenda, Equal (use as little as attainable)
  • Tabasco sauce
  • Vanilla extract
  • Vinegar: apple cider, balsamic, white
  • Vitamin B complement or Berocca

In week 3, begin including in

  • Coconut oil (1 teaspoon per day)
  • Natural almonds each 2d day (15 for ladies and 20 for males)


  • Water (as much as 3 litres/105 fl oz/12 cups per day)
  • Coffee (as much as 3 per day if made with water, just one per day if made with milk)
  • Tea and natural tea (as much as 3 per day)
  • Fresh ginger tea
  • Sugar-free scorching chocolate (just one per day)

Strictly off limits!

Getting your head round what’s OFF the checklist is simply as vital as figuring out what’s on it. Alcohol (in any type) is a no-go, as are this stuff: butter, margarine, fried meals and ‘treat foods’ like ice cream, frozen yoghurt, pies, pastries, desserts – you get the concept. Junk meals (there are means too many to checklist right here) like biscuits, chips, dips, chocolate and the like are additionally firmly off-limits, as are any oils not specified on this checklist (this consists of additional virgin oil in salad dressings and different cooking oils).

Images and textual content from 8 Weeks to Wow by Emilie Brabon-Hames and Chief Brabon, Murdoch Books, RRP $29.99. Photography by Jeremy Simons.

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